Monday, July 28, 2008

Tune In, Call In

My friend Sinfonian would like to announce:
Today on BO!R, we'll examine the Code Pink phenomenon. What is it that makes their protests so controversial? And are they making a difference -- or is there madness to their method? Joining us on the show today will be Code Pink advocate NTodd Pritsky of the blogs Dohiyi Mir and Pax Americana, as well as Code Pink organizer Liz (subject to change), and they'll take your questions and comments.

How can you get your questions and comments heard? It's easy:

Blast Off! Radio
4:00 pm Eastern TODAY
Call in number: (646) 716-7543
Liz and I will be chatting with Sinfonian about what Code Pink does, where it came from, and whatever else callers want to discuss. Please call in or e-mail the show to lend your support and/or ask questions.

Based on some reactions to pinking Nancy Pelosi from people attending Netroot Nations last week, it seems many even on the left side of the political spectrum don't understand what Code Pink is all about, which is what spurred this particular show. I also think most don't realize how empowered they are to do things like engage our elected employees, put psychological pressure on war enablers, etc. So don't be shy, call the number above and help us educate!


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