Saturday, July 5, 2008

CODEPINK Teachers Lobby at the NEA 2008

Jennifer Networking the crowd of teachers!

CODEPINK has been promoting funding of schools not more wars through a campaign which has been recruiting Mayors to sign onto a resolution to stop the next war NOW!The National Education Association has a 5 day business event taking place at the convention center so we went there to lobby teachers on the cost of war and the possibility of PEACE. Jennifer & James put together a flier that exposed the costs of occupation of Iraq with the examples of actions to take to work on bringing our troops home.
The Mayors resolution seems to be building momentum with teachers! We had several teachers that took action with phones calls to the capitol switchboard.This was an effective venue to push the local cost of war facts.
Cindy Sheehan spoke during the NEA Peace & Justice Panel and we passed out the remainder of CODEPINK fact sheets.

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Anonymous said...

I am a viet nam vet who is dying because of what I contacted there....I watched a woman on fox news this morning that is lucky I was not standing nexted to her....You pigs have the freedom of speech because of the deaths of many....We have lost over 100,000 since the Iraq war started due to drunken drivers....What are you doing about that????As the woman on Fox said it was okay to use the word FUCK YOU................