Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hugs for Peace in DC

Jennifer our sweet Teacher for Peace from Fremont California spent summer vacation time walking the halls of Congress to work with CODEPINK Women for Peace
as a strong voice of peace,justice,education standards,human needs over the War economy
the constitution, basic civil rights,and a future filled with possiblities
for the children in her school!What a month it has been !~!
Nonstop creative activism.Street Theater,Boat Blockade of Cong.Ackerman's House boat on the Potomac,Douglas Feith Hearing,Ann Wrhight's Bday w/CODEPINK FANS,NEA ANNUAL conference(9,000 delegates)
Everyone misses our Teacher for Peace!
investing your free time as a volunteer
with the Peace Team in DC CODEPINK!

1 comment:

Carlie said...

Awe Jennnniferrrrrrr I love you and miss you!
<3 Chelsie.