Wednesday, July 23, 2008

07.23.08 I love Justice

The House Judiciary held an oversight hearing of the Justice Dept featuring Attorney General Michael Mukasey.Congressman Wexler seemed to be the only hard ball questioner in my humble opinion.It is so disappointing to listen to thank you for your service from each member while the hard questions seem off the table? Voter Caging,Election Fraud, Torture Policies,extraordinary rendition,overpolitization of the Department .............what is happening to our country! Does anyone have a backbone?Does the Judiciary or Congress have a conscience??
CODEPINK had an exercise in fight for your rights planned outside the hearing room.Kim made 4 tshirts I (heart)love Justice,I(heart)love Capitol Police,I (heart)Peace,and I Love Teresa Vest( Committee Lady) just to see where the line is on the pink profiling? We put our shirts on just before the room opened up for public seating.Ms. Vest gave a brief statement on the conditions, parameters, & regulations to enter the hearing room and how to participate under these rules! CODEPINKers had to turn Tshirts inside out or take the pieces of art off completely to enter! After obtaining my seat i turned my T shirt back to I LOVE TERESA VEST .........Miss Vest asked me to take it off because it stated a position I replied what statement did this shirt make in her mind she got a little flustered and after a few minutes of back & forth she let it go but only after i put pink duct tape over the Heart............Now is ok I covered the heart---- NO MORE HEART!
now it said I Teresa Vest and i just smiled and giggled .......looked around inquiring if anyone was studying law.....suddenly all the lookers turned away............

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JimPreston said...

I heart Code Pink!!