Saturday, February 6, 2010

There Are No Goodbyes

I just wanted to briefly abuse my posting privileges here and say goodbye to the Pink House. I will never forget that great space full of joy, love, action, energy and creativity.

A big thanks and hug to Des for being my surrogate mama when I was in DC, and to everybody I met who taught and inspired me so much. You all rock, you wonderful Pink sisters and brothers doing the good works our nation and world need.

An era has ended, the journey continues.

Peace and respect,
Green Mountain Code Pink

Monday, February 1, 2010

DC Pink House Transition

Three years ago, on March 1, 2007, we opened the doors to a brick townhouse in the northeast quadrant of DC and decided to call it home. Little did we know in the years to come this 5-bedroom house near Capitol Hill would become a ground zero for CODEPINK activism in the halls of Congress. We not only brought a flash of hot pink to the sea of drab gray and black Congressional suits, but we broke through the inside-the-beltway politics with a refreshing dash of people power. The costs of maintaining the house and paying the rent have become an overwhelming burden for CODEPINK and we must now move on from the house into the next course of action. The Pink House will close at the end of February, 2010, but CODEPINK in DC will maintain a virbant presence and invites activists to join powerful actions in March in the beltway!

Read the full story of the Pink House and find out how to get active with CODEPINK in DC here: