Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pink Signs Appear Over Shoulder of Admiral Mullins During Senate Armed Services Hearing

On July 31st 2007, Admiral Mullins was testifying in the Senate Armed Services Committee. CODEPINK was there with pink signs strategically placed for the world to see on CSPAN

Monday, July 30, 2007


by Lori Perdue

I’m talking about rEvolution here.
rEvolution with a capital E.
Trying to avoid another Kent State
Another genocide after toppling a failed state
Gotta keep your eyes on the capital E
On the path to a clean slate
Let me broaden the terms and call it Bush/CheneyGate
And no, I don’t hate, but I know what I hear and see
Wrongdoing on this scale is Corruption with a capital C
And the process of correction is the four I’s
And the only way back to the Land of the Free
I’m talking about rEvolution now
rEvolution with a capital E
rEvolution with a capital E.
rEvolution with a capital E.

CODEPINK Meets with DC Mayor Fenty About "Cities for Peace with Iran"

What would you ask the Republicans running for President?

CODEPINK women from around the country give examples of good questions for the Republican Presidential candidates.

You can ask your question, submit it to YouTube to be included in the September 17th Republican Presidential debate, and you might e your own brand of PINK patriotism.

From the YouTube/CNN Debate website:
"This is your country, and your presidential debate. Submit your video questions for the Republicans between July 23 and September 16. The CNN political team will choose the most creative and compelling videos, and if yours is one of them, you may get the chance to fly to Tampa to watch the debate live and offer your reactions on video afterward."

"This is your chance to let your voice be heard -- grab a camera and get rolling"

Here are some examples that women at the DC CODEPINK House, and tourists at the WHite House, asked...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

CODEPINK Witnesses Police Detaining Muslim Family @ White House Sat 7/28/07

Codepinkers were out at the White House on Saturday mingling with the diverse crowds
to get a pulse from the people regarding the upcoming presidential debates.We filmed a dozen
people as a way to involve the public in the process.

We witnessed a Muslim family walking around in Lafayette park like so many tourists
do each day in Washington D.C. and suddenly several branches of the police force were
taking notice of a Muslim woman in full attire.

The bicycle police surrounded this family for over 35 minutes while a family spokesperson
showed I.D. ..........it seemed to be a waste of time but clearly a fear based policy.
It sure put me on alert watching the police overreact!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Classic CODEPINK Video: Bush Pinkslipped at Mayflower Hotel in DC

Our friends at WHYnot News made this mini-documentary of a CODEPINK action in early February at the Mayflower Hotel where Bush was speaking to the American Enterprise Institute. This 18 minute video features an ensemable of all-star activists including Ann Wright, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Medea Benjamin, Tina Richards, Gael Murphy, Midge Potts, Lori Perdue... plus a special appearance by President Bush from the safety of his motorcade.

Friday, July 27, 2007

VIDEO BLOG: Medea Benjamin Chats with Congressman Abercrombie (D-HI) About Iraq Withdrawal TImeline

This video was taken the day the House of Representatives voted on the Ike Skelton Bill that would create a timeline for withdrawal in Iraq.

July 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

pictures and such

So as you all may or may not be aware of life at the CODE PINK house is anything but quite. I suppose many who read this may know that, but just in case I will inform you that it is pleasantly packed with things to do always. I have taken over and made sure to try and capturec many of our insanely incredible events and 'plain old' days with pictures so here are a few of my favorites :-) This was at the vigil the evening of the congressional debate. Our pink crowns always standout fabulously.
Maxine stopped to give some pink ladies some massive love!

At the RNC we arrested Dick for many obvious reasons, and closed up shop for his cronies.
Pink supported the Veterans for peace, and IVAW at the Nationals game
Pink was present for Cindy announcing her candidacy and getting arrested in such an order. (We love you Cindy!)And if all else fails a quaint banner drop behind Gonzo always makes a fun morning.

Life with Pink is so pleasantly unique and always interesting.

January Joy, live from D.C.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"we don't trust you" - gonzales at judiciary hearing

"We don't trust you" was not a shout out to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales by one of us Code Pinkers at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, but a retort by disgusted Chairman, Vermont Senator Leahy to the smirking head of the Dept of Justice. For nearly four hours, Gonzales ducked and hedged as Senators, almost all Democrats but Senator Specter (R-PA) as well, hammered him on issues ranging from torture to the firing of US attorneys to political briefings of the Peace Corps.

About 10 Code Pinkers, some decked out in vests with copies of the US Constitution printed on them, made a colorful presence among the dark-suited Congressional staffers. We supplemented the official "testimony"/liar-imony by our well-placed coughs, laughter, remarks and flashes of peace signs. I was amused to note that longterm NPR correspondent Nina Tottenberg wore a charming pink suit -- a wink to us, or simply a mood lifter?

Senator Leahy's opening remarks set the context for this Gonzales' repeat appearance to Judiciary. "The Dept of Justice (DOJ) should not be reduced to another arm of the White House!" he proclaimed. Leahy ran down the list: the politically-inspired firings of the US attorneys; stonewalling by the White House; "loyal Bushies" replacing career DOJ employees. The latest straw on the Judicial camel's back today was that the White House is now attempting to block a DC court from even issuing a contempt of Congress citation. In Specter's words, "Carrying this controversy to incredible levels!"

Senator Specter also painted a grim picture of a seriously weakened DOJ with low morale and many vacancies. The Pennsylvania senator laid out legal recourses for the committee: a Special Prosecutor (to be named by the Solicitor General, NOT Gonzales) or a trial in the Senate led by a Senate subcommittee.

Gonzales, by my count, said "I can't recall" or some version of "I can't answer" 33 times in four hours. He was given some relief by Republican senators Hatch (UT) and Kyl (AZ), who mostly nattered on about the badness of immigrants and why can't DOJ deport more of them faster? Bush's pal from Texas was hammmered, however, especially by Senators Leahy, Schumer and Durbin, on several issues.

Leahy went into the poor performance of the Civil Rights Section of the DOJ under Gonzales' reign. Over 500 civil rights abuses are reported every year to the DOJ, yet not one has been acted upon by the General Counsel of the FBI. Leahy also talked about the violations of the PATRIOT Act reported in '05-'06: spying and illegal searches and seizures. When Leahy tried to pin down Gonzales on why these abusive practices have been happening, Gonzales gave a weasley answer about "additional training for DOJ agents."

Gonzales' and Andrew Card's visit to the hospital bed of a post-operative former Atty General Ashcroft to get Ashcroft's OK on continued domestic spying was hashed over relentlessly by Specter and Leahy.

Senator Feinstein pursued a line of questioning she brought up at the hearing with Sara Taylor: who decided on the list of US attorneys to be fired? Gonzales', to no one's surprise, did not know. Or at least so he said. But he did "approve all" the firings, apparently figuring anyone in the White House knew which US attorneys wouldn't play ball with vote-caging, election-results-altering Republicans in various states.

Senators Kennedy and Durbin went into details on the torture issue. Gonzales wiggled around the issue of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions that relates to torture, basically saying that some decisions on abusive treatment were situational. Durbin named 5 horrific "interrogation techniques" that Gonzales and the White House still have not repudiated: painful stress positions for long periods; use of dogs; forced nudity; waterboarding; and mock executions. Mental images of torture victims, both at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, came vividly to my mind. Durbin pointed out two longterm consequences from the continued ambivalence of the US government's position on torture: a shredded international reputation and the possible use of these or other torture techniques on US citizens, whether civilian hostages or prisoners of war.

This is getting to be a long post, and I'll end for now by saying that I cannot cover every important issue raised by the clearly concerned, even angry, frustrated senators on Judiciary. Gonzales, unlike the younger, less hardened Sara Taylor of last week's hearing, never faltered or lost composure, and rarely even turned for guidance from his legal counsel. This is a struggle between titans -- a shameless White House and a deeply worried, Democratic-controlled Congress -- that is clearly headed for the courts, and the Court of Public Opinion. My husband and I went afterwards to Senator Specter's office to give our thanks for his courageous dissent from the Republicans' line of "support the President" and were told by a staffer that the phone calls coming in from Pennsylvania were only 50% behind him. So keep your attention on this issue, and know that Code Pink in DC will continue to bring the pink heat to the DOJ office every Monday and Friday!

by Janet Weil

Sunday, July 22, 2007

VIDEO BLOG: Weekly Protests at the Justice Department - CODEPINK Demands Resignation of Alberto Gonzales

Every monday and friday CODEPINK Women for Peace protest outside the U.S. Department of Justice demanding the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. This video shows two different days of CODEPINK's Justice Department demonstrations.

Friday, July 20, 2007

VIDEO BLOG: Rally @ Capitol with Congressional Dems, CODEPINK, and Iraq Veterans Against the War

CODEPINK joined Iraq Veterans Against the War and other autonomous individuals at the Democratic Congressional rally in Upper Senate park. Featuring Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, John Lewis, Carl Levin, Jan Shakowsky and a variety of other Senators and Representatives.

This short video clip shows how the People spoke up for impeachment and an end to the Iraq War during the speeches of Senator Reid and Speaker of the House Pelosi.

VIDEO BLOG: Pink Police deliver "cease & desist" order to Republicans

On Friday July 20th, two days after the Republicans blocked a vote on an Iraq withdrawal timetable, CODEPINK women from around the nation dressed as Pink Police to serve a "cease & desist" order to the Republicans at the RNC headquarters on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. (more) (

rnc action photos

The Pink Police were on the job, sealing off a crime scene at the RNC. The Republican National Committee headquarters heard the message of "Accomplices to war crimes! War criminals!" A cease and desist order was given to stop obstructing democracy. Our police force will continue to work this case.

photos of the code pink house

Here are some views of the Code Pink House, a wonderful gathering spot for artists and activists in DC. - by Janet Weil, Bay Area Code Pink

Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 16-17 in DC

Highlights of Tuesday and Wednesday, July 16-17, with CodePink in Washington DC:
By Mele Stokesberry, Maui Peace Action, spending a week at CodePink House, epicenter of CodePink Alert Women for Peace.
Date: Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well, we tried our best. CodePink ladies camped out all night Tuesday, July 16, thankfully on soft grass, next to the Senate gallery entrance at the Capitol in an effort to speak to each senator arriving for the filibustering and cloture vote on whether to vote on the Levin-Reid amendment. It would have mandated a start to troop withdrawals in October and completion of same by April 30, 2008. The outcome? Here's a quick, good explanation:

On Election Central 7/17, Eric Kleefeld wrote "Great Moments In Fox News"

"So, did a majority of Senators vote today against withdrawing the troops from Iraq? That's what Fox News seems to be saying on its Web site this afternoon. That makes it sound like 52 Senators "rejected a bill" for withdrawal. Of course, in the real world, 52 Senators didn't vote against withdrawal from Iraq in the Senate today at all. Rather, 52 Senators voted to not block the measure from getting a straight-up majority vote (this includes Republicans Susan Collins and Olympia Snow -Mele's note). This failed because it fell short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a Republican filibuster. But in Fox News Land, a majority of Senators voted against withdrawal today."

A rousing rally preceded our camp-out, organized by MoveOn in the park in front of the Capitol. Many Democratic senators and representatives attended and spoke eloquently about ending this bloody war and bringing home our troops. Promises were made that if this effort failed, there would be another and another until success, though at such a terrible cost. Seems we are losing an average of 5 young Americans per day, not to mention uncountable numbers of Iraqi lives.

At a hearing on "Policy Options on Iraq" by the House Foreign Relations committee that I was able to attend Tuesday morning, Mr. Simon from the Council on Foreign Relatons stated that it's clear there is no possible military victory in Iraq. We "must withdraw." He argued against staying in Iraq indefinitely to prevent a civil war, saying that the "conditions for a nation-wide genocide are absent." A planned withdrawal, starting now, would be the "least-bad option." In contrast, the Bush administration's and the press's spin about what would happen upon withdrawal turns speculation into "fact" in the press, and the unknown becomes the unthinkable.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

camping outside the senate to end the war

While the Senate was in session all night long, so was CODEPINK. We joined the MoveOn rally that included all the Democratic bigwigs from the House and the Senate, but we were part of a cheering gallery shouting out to them to do more to end the occupation NOW. CODEPINK got a shout out from the stage by our lovely Cong. Maxine Waters and Diane Watson. It was great to see Nancy Pelosi forced to be in the same stage as Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters--the triad who have worked so hard to end the war. While Pelosi's talk was interspersed with shouts of "impeach Bush and Cheney", the triad was universally cheered. They were right from the beginning, and the rest of the Democrats are just now being forced to recognize that!

When the rally broke up, we moved to the grassy area right where the cars pull up to let off the Senators when they go into the Capitol. We spent the entire night there, swarming on each Senator as they came and went. We now know most of them by name--and many of them know us by now--so we can actually have some good conversations, like the one with Patrick Leahy where he looked up a breath-taking sunrise over the Capitol and reflected about how much he loved this nation, but how ashamed he was of government these days.

Here's a cute piece from ABC about CODEPINK's slumber party, with a great anecote about how we were yelling at Senator Ted Stevens for supporting the war while the poor guy was in a daze at 5am, looking for his car. What it doesn't say is that we found his car for him! In return, we asked him to vote against the war, but he didn't seem ready to make a deal...

Senate Slumber Party Features Surprise Performance from Code Pink

July 18, 2007 3:16 AM

ABC News' Matthew Jaffe reports: The sleepover at the Senate has all of the signs of a typical slumber-party. Pizza. Cots. Even some song & dance.

No sooner had Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that there would be no procedural votes between midnight and 5 a.m., then a mass exodus of senators started as many legislators headed to their cars to go home for some much needed sleep. As the senators streamed towards their cars in the Capitol parking lot, TV cameras spotted a rowdy group of Code Pink protesters greeting them with jeers and cheers, depending on the senators' stances on the Iraq war. Just to spice up the night, the Code Pinkers suddenly broke into song with an impromptu rendition of "Stop! In the Name of Peace!". To say it was "American Idol"-worthy would not be incorrect, assuming one is referring to the likes of the infamous William Hung. Alas, Simon Cowell was nowhere to be found. For an encore, the Pinkers belted out "He'll Bomb the Whole World If He Can", dancing along to the beat.

While Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, who crossed the aisle to side with Democrats and support the Levin-Reed amendment, was greeted with cheers, others were not so fortunate. Poor Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, was not only heckled by the people in pink, but also lost his car in the dark Capitol parking lot. After minutes of wandering around aimlessly with a policeman by his side, all the while being jeered by the protesters at every turn, Stevens finally found his car and headed out into the night. And not a moment too soon for the confused - and surely tired - senator.

Meanwhile, the action on the Senate floor slowed considerably as the night progressed. After Reid conducted the midnight vote, he announced a five-hour gap before the next one, giving some senators a chance to head home. Almost all did, leaving an unlucky few, including Sens. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., John McCain, R-Ariz., and others, behind to continue speaking on the floor through the night. The chamber will fill up again at 5 a.m. as bleary-eyed legislators return for the next vote of the night, er, morning. More debate will follow, concluding in a vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the Levin-Reed amendment at 11 a.m. this morning.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CODEPINK "Speaking of Freedom" - MUSIC VIDEO

This is a music video featuring CODEPINK Women for Peace in footage shot at the 2007 4th of July parade in Washington DC.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

CODEPINK launches Cities for Peace in Iran!

By Medea Benjamin

When Leslie Angeline started her fast to get a meeting with Senator Joseph Lieberman to talk to him about his belligerent comments about Iran, little did she know that she would be unleashing a new campaign to stop the next war now. But that's precisely what has happened.

Leslie, who went on a Global Exchange citizen diplomacy trip to Iran in May, fell in love with the Iranian people. When she heard Senator Lieberman on CBS Face the Nation on June 10 saying that he had incontrovertible evidence that Iran was training and equipping Iraqi extremists to kill American soldiers and that we should prepare for military strikes against Iran, she was so upset that she decided to go on a hunger strike until the Senator agreed to meet with her.

Leslie, with her CODEPINK friends, went to his office every day asking for a meeting with the Senator. Not only did his staff refuse to schedule a meeting, but they told her that if she stayed in the office for more than 10 minutes, they would call the police and have her arrested for loitering. On day 10, when Leslie was in the office and feeling so weak that she asked to lie down for a moment, they said no. Leslie collapsed on the floor and was rushed to the hospital for dehydration.

Still she refused to eat and Leslie, with other CODEPINK activists, dogged the Senator wherever they could find him--in Congressional hearings, in the halls, outside his office. Each time, they would plead for a meeting.

On the 22nd day of her hunger strike, Leslie was getting desperate. She decided that this time, she'd go into his office asking for a meeting and wouldn't leave. After a few minutes, they called the police. This tiny woman who hadn't eaten in weeks was hauled out of Lieberman's office in handcuffs.

When a photo of Leslie getting arrested in his office appeared the next day on the front page of the influential Capitol Hill paper Roll Call, Lieberman must have been embarrassed. This time, when Leslie went to his office and once again asked to meet, she was told that finally, the Senator had relented and she would be granted a 5-minute meeting the following day under the conditions that she come alone and without press.

The next day, the 24th day of her fast, Leslie appeared in Lieberman's office for the meeting. She was not alone, though. She brought with her Ali Nasri, a young Iranian who happened to be in DC with a group of 13 Iranians cycling around the US for peace. She thought it was so important for Lieberman to hear directly from an Iranian who had to live with the consequences of the military threats from the US.

The Senator met with Leslie first, then allowed Ali to join them. The meeting was not only cordial, but Leslie and Ali felt they actually touched his heart with their sincerity and their arguments that his belligerent talk actually hurt the chances of Iranian civil society from flourishing and instead strengthened the government. They ended the meeting by breaking bread with the Senator.

While delighted that she had a chance to present her views to Lieberman, Leslie and the CODEPINK activists have learned not to put their faith in politicians. So we have decided to launch a new campaign called Cities for Peace with Iran, aimed at getting communities all over the country to pass city resolutions against going to war with Iran.

The campaign, launched on July 16, will be a great way to pay tribute to Leslie's sacrifice. And it will be a great way for Americans to show their determination to live in peace with the people of Iran. Check here for information on how to get involved by passing a resolution in your city, inviting a speaker to your community and/or visiting Iran as a citizen diplomat.


What we can learn from the war in Iraq is that once a war has started, it acquires a momentum of its own and becomes harder and harder to stop. That’s why it’s so critical to prevent a war with Iran before it starts, and holding elected officials like Senator Lieberman to account is a key element of stopping the next war now.

CODEPINK Confronts Senator Warner at Press Conference

CLICK HERE to watch the AP video on Yahoo News about the CODEPINK women who confronted Senator Warner outside ABC studios after his Sunday appearance on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

activist's busy week of july 8-13

I had an activist's sampler of several issues and kinds of actions in the July heat in DC.

My week was bracketed by participating in the protests calling for Atty General Gonzales' resignation at the Dept of Justice on Monday and Friday.

In between, I met, had great conversations with, and did a little mentoring of a wonderful group of college students;

went to two hearings on FEMA f***-ups in Louisiana and on the poltical firings and hirings of US attorney;

took notes on abuse of immigrants in detention facilities at a Congressional briefing;

observed in both the Senate and the House galleries;

heard two of my favorite members of Congress speak (Boxer and Kucinich);

supported and celebrated as Leslie's campaign to stop the next war [on Iran] now came to a wonderful high point with the Iranian cyclists; and saw two documentaries, one a fascinating work in progress on our in-house media marvel, Midge Potts, and the other, Michael Moore's "Sicko."

Oh yeah, and got arrested for "disrupting Congress." Or as I prefer to think of it, affirming my junior senator at her workplace.

Bay Area Code Pinker Leslie Angeline had a 15-minute meeting with Lieberman that actually gave us hope he's going to tone down the rhetoric and re-examine his position on Iran (but don't hold your breath), and she will be on Democracy Now this Monday talking about her campaign. I am thrilled for her; this is a huge story that will continue as she and Jes go to Connecticut and I hope will touch many hearts. Try to watch, listen to or download DN on Monday and tell others. I haven't written much about Leslie's amazing work here, as it is her story to tell, but I certainly have been deeply moved by her courage and tenacity and grace.

I'll close by telling a story of how the Dems are FINALLY squashing Republican rhetorical tricks that they used to accept and parrot, not challenge. Some Congresswoman from New Mexico tried to introduce an amendment on electronic surveillance to Ike Skelton's bill. You know, more spying and listening in on phone conversations! Skelton kept interrupting her to say the amendment was not germane and she kept coming back to her microphone. This went on for four exchanges. Finally she launched into, "And we all know where we were on the morning of September 11, 2001..." and Skelton just cut her off so quickly and the president pro tem brought his gavel, ruling that her amendment (of course!) was NOT germane. It was a clear signal of "oh, no, you're not going to play that dogeared old card THIS TIME!" And then the "Responsible Redeployment from Iraq" bill passed by a comfortable if not large majority.

I feel some tentative hope, but it will take a tremendous push through the rest of this summer for Congress to realize they MUST vote to bring the troops home. Republicans especially. The best thing is to call senators' offices in DC this week at the Capitol Switchboard number: 202-224-3121. They definitely notice and record how folks are calling them on issues. You can call senators besides your own; my mother did and had a good long conversation with Lugar's staffer. Be organized and polite, but also speak from your heart. Encourage others to do so.

By Janet Weil

Friday, July 13, 2007

busted for applauding boxer's magnificent speech

On Tuesday, July 10, CA Senator Boxer gave a magnificent, detailed and passionate speech calling for the end of the Iraq nightmare today WHERE IT COUNTS: on the Senate floor. I hope it represents a historic turning point in the Senate as they debate amendments to the FY '08 Defense Authorization bill. Her speech, fiery and sarcastic, sometimes mournful but mostly blazingly angry, certainly represents the views of the American majority and of her California constituents. She denounced the violence against Iraqi civilians and the total inability of the Maliki government to protect them: "What a situation!" she exclaimed, sounding both very pissed-off and maternal. She painted a vivid word picture of the devastation in Iraq. Beyond the deaths of US troops, she talked about the psychological and social harms -- PTSD, alienation, divorce -- that are afflicting the veterans and which will cost our society "for decades."

At the conclusion of her oration and on our way to lunch, we Code Pinkers stood up in the Senate gallery, applauding. I called out, "Thank you, senator!" and Heather (from SF, of the League of Young Voters) said, "What a speech!" or something like that.

For this, Heather and I were singled out, arrested, booked (a process that mysteriously took 3 hours though we were the only defendants in the facility and were completely cooperative) and then sent for one horrible, unforgettable hour toa small cage in the cellblock in another jail. Heather and I supported each other through our mounting panic and claustrophobia, as we feared that somehow our paperwork had been messed up and we would be forced to spend the night.

But we were released into the steamy DC afternoon and later spent a relaxing evening with Heather's boyfriend Julian and our sister Californians Kara and Lindsey at a local bar watching the All-Star Game and talking politics.

Thank you calls/emails to Boxer's SF or DC office for bringing our message to the Senate floor would be much appreciated --

Janet Weil
Bay Area Code Pink

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

VIDEO - Hungerstriking Peace Activist Arrested at Senator Lieberman's Office in Washington DC

ORIGINAL VIDEO of Leslie Fainting in Lieberman's Office:

VIDEO PRESS RELEASE (short version of Leslie fainting:

Mother on 21st Day of Fast Arrested at Sen. Lieberman's Office: Asking Senator to Promote Diplomacy, Not War With Iran!

Click here to see a slideshow of photos from the action.

Outraged that Senator Lieberman has publicly called for bombing Iran, CODEPINK member Leslie Angeline, 50, from Santa Rosa, CA, began a hunger strike to get a meeting with the Senator and was arrested in the senator's office today at around 11 a.m. while asking for a meeting.
The senator was speaking on the floor of the Senate around the time of the arrest. Arrest happened very quickly after the group entered the office. Leslie is now in the 21st day of the fast, and the Senator has still refused to meet. On June 28, Angeline fainted in his office and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Angeline refused to end her fast and is now in her 21st day.

Angeline recently returned from a citizen diplomacy trip to Iran with the group Global Exchange. "When I heard that Lieberman said he thought we should launch military action against Iran, I couldn't help but think of the 70% of the Iranian population who are under the age of 30-—the age of my son. Iran is a country of warm, kind, and generous children and their families. We cannot bomb these kids," says Angeline.

Angeline is anxious to meet with Senator Lieberman to explain why an attack on Iran would turn 70 million Iranians, now mostly friendly to the US, into enemies and would undermine US security.

In the past, when Angeline has gone to Senator Leiberman's office, they have threatened to call the police if she stays for more than 10 minutes. This time, Angeline was quickly arrested.

Boxer's passion in the gallery inspires us!

By: Lindsey Goldberg

Earlier this afternoon a group of us went to the Senate gallery to sit in and observe our Senators in action. We walked in on McCain mumbling and reading a script sharing with the nation why we need to maintain our numbers in Iraq, because, "if we pull out, there will be a disaster." I'm sorry, but the situation is pretty disastrous as it stands. A few Senators followed McCain, some both angered and confused us, others were well thought out, though delivered without much enthusiasm. The situation in Iraq is dire and I feel that this issue deserves thought-out, competent, well-researched, dynamic attention. Senator Boxer of California rose the bar when she came up to speak her mind. She truly embodies the ideal politician for the people. Using her voice, she expressed the need for a change of course, a new mission and a withdrawal of the troops in Iraq. Using concrete facts, detailed evidence and personal experience with families of victims of the unjust war, Boxer had us all captivated, some of us in tears. I listened attentively and in awe of this politician who is a living example of hope within this political machine. I feel both honored and privileged to be from California and to have Boxer representing me, she is a role model and a someone to be reckoned with - I respect her unwavering strength! As her speech came to a close we echoed with clapping and a few cheers, an intrinsic human reaction to respond to something that moves us; though it was not received well by the Senate police...On the way out of the Hart building, two other CODE PINKers and I went into Boxer's office to leave a note of gratitude to pass on the fact of how moved we were by her strength and passion in gallery, she walked in!!! She received us so well, with genuine appreciation of our enthusiastic support. It felt so gratifying to tell her in person how moved we were! For those of you in California, take my word for it...we are being represented by the right person!

being in D.C. the political process on so many levels has come alive for me...I am learning so much, I feel really blessed to be here!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth Concert

By Kara Callaway
Within the first few minutes of entering the CODEPINK house, I began to realize how much action this organization creates. By my fourth hour in the house, I was camping out in front of the Smithsonian's Native American museum to secure a spot for CODEPINK at the Live Earth concert put on by Al Gore. I camped out for 11 hours with two other CODEPINK activists to ensure that the organization was loud and present at this event. What I didn't realize, and found very interesting/outrageous was the animosity towards CODEPINK from the police. Not only did they corral us into a corner on the side of the crowd so we wouldn't be seen on camera, but they continued to push us back until we were so cramped together that we were stepping on each other and our neighbors! With plenty of room in front of us, the police pushed us into an inhumanely compact space! The discrimination and abuse of power was overtly obvious and it made me sick. We were in line longer than anyone and our message was positive and 100% pro-Gore; the only reason for hiding us from the camera was to anger us. This incident showed me first-hand how corrupt police can be and why so many CODEPINK activists are willing to go to jail to fight the system.

Friday, July 6, 2007

CODEPINK Intern celebrates 20th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ena. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

And many more......


Des, Liz, Midge, & Terra
p.s. You redeem the birthdate 7/6 : )

VIDEO - Pink Patriots Parade on Constituion Av July 4th

Thursday, July 5, 2007

CODEPINK volunteer staying busy and having fun

Janet Weil,

Greetings from NE Washington on the 4th of July! The Pink House is quiet this morning as most of us DCers camped out near the White House last night to secure a place in the big parade. Not just to watch (when does Code Pink ever just watch something?) but to join in! The past two days have been a flurry of making pink tutus, new banners, peace tiaras, magic wands and more in the basement, aka "The Fuschia Factory." Last night as we were finishing up, we sang folks songs and show tunes with Joel, our resident singer/songwriter/guitarist from Alaska. The bicycle pedicab has been decked out with bunting and painted dark pink.

I need to do some cleanup to make the house ready for our weekly community potluck dinner, so I'll just quickly run through some of my activities over the last few days, including resources for you to check out.

-- Went to a book talk by Josh Rushing, a former Marine and Public Affairs Officer who has left the military and is now a journalist for the English version of Al Jazeera, now available in the US only on the internet. See www.english.aljazeera.net. I'm reading his book, "Mission Al Jazeera" right now, which has as its subtitles: Build a Bridge; Seek the Truth; Change the World.

-- Watched a preview of a documentary produced by Phil Donohue called "Body of War." It shows the interconnected stories of Senator Byrd (D- WV) and his powerful speech against the vote for war in Fall 2002, and the hard journey of a young veteran after being shot and paralyzed in Iraq. i was very emotional, thinking of my nephew Joel now in Marines Officer training in Virginia. Please check out www.bodyofwar.com for more info. I had an interesting encounter with Senator Byrd; details later.

-- Visited the office of the Institute for Policy Studies, our friendly local progressive think tank.

-- Played "Learn Your Women Senators" game with House Mama Des and other folks, using handy face cards produced by Midge in preparation for our work on Capitol Hill next week.

-- Had some great conversations with Arvind, the filmmaker from Texas (and India) about violence against women, her filmmaking techniques, and of course politics!

-- Went to the White House for the "Libby" action; go to www.codepinkalert.org if you haven't already for my blog.

-- Received a wonderful email from my mother on how she's getting the word to the Democratic National Committee about "no money until you lead us out of war." Thanks, Mom! More later on that, too.

Finally, on a sadder personal note, I spoke with my nephew Joel last night and made arrangements to meet him and his girlfriend in Alexandria, VA on Saturday. I was happy to hear his voice, lively and enthusiastic as ever, but I also felt such an undercurrent of such dread.

In between communal meals, actions and outings, and housekeeping, I'm reading and studying, including the latest issue of Middle East Report (an excellent quarterly journal); its cover story is "The War Economy of Iraq." Pick up a copy if you can.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Think about what you want YOUR country to be and do in the world, and write down and post on your fridge 3 things you are willing to do to help that come into being. Of course, I'd love to read about your "3 things" so send me an email if possible!

And now on to some housework before I hit the streets of DC!

Posted by Janet Weil

Pink Peace Faerie Dust and Fireworks!

Kit Kimberly

With an eye to fun and beauty as well as peace protests, July 3rd found the Pink House Peace Room filled scurrying with activities to make Independence Day sparkle with pink and peace.

In-house artist and props-mistress Laurie established costume workshops for Radical Cheerleaders and Peace Faeries as well as banners to emphasize that DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC. Messages of liberation and revolution (and despite the alarmism of some “homeland security” types, what’s more patriotic on Independence Day than talking about a revolution?) spread throughout the room as Joel played peace and protest songs from the generations. Using strands of flowers and wired bouquets, I created pagan wreaths for Desiree and me to wear in our hair; tulle and bubble wrap tutus emerged from disheveled piles of pink on the floor, as did pompoms, twirling batons, and of course the Faerie Peace Wands.

The music, singing, company and diligence was soothing and empowering—we discussed how Bush’s pardon of Libby had come so soon, it could only cause more resentment, more shock at the administration’s arrogance and disdain for rule of law. Besides, I reckon, what does it matter if Libby spends two years in a country-club prison? He’s not the real culprit, he’s just a scapegoat. If it opens more peoples’ eyes to the complete disregard of the law, it’s a sacrifice well worth making.

And it seems that that may be, in fact, just the result—people who saw my Impeach t-shirt stopped me to say, “Yes! Especially now,” and I saw others shaking their heads over the NYT headline about Libby being pardoned.

So our fearless leaders left the Pink House in shifts beginning at 11 pm to camp out and hold our place for the parade the next day: Medea, Liz, Desiree, Rae, Sam (and her partner Jake)—the hardcore folks—stayed out there all night and got hardly any sleep. Wednesday dawned bright and cool (**AN ASIDE: what is going on with the DC weather? I’ve never seen this part of the world so moderate at the height of summer. Ordinarily I’d celebrate the anomaly, but with the climate change issues underway, I’m afraid it’s the herald of really bad things to come, a fear that was reinforced by the evacuation of the National Mall later the afternoon of the 4th. Although it occurs to me that a tornado wiping out all of the federal government and us having to start all over again from scratch would NOT necessarily be all bad …). We got to 11th and Constitution by 10:30 and found our space well-preserved and to the hilt with pink. Even the vendors around laughed and chatted with us: “We expect you pink folks to buy all your food here,” one hotdog vendor said.

The vanguard was already up at the main marquis with the gorgeous “Dissent is Patriotic” banner—Ena and Sam in the pink sequined dresses with their I Miss America sashes; Rae, Des and Liz in tulle tutus, waving wands and streamers; everyone twirling pink peace parasols in front of the TV cameras. The stands—and consequently the cameras—were so filled with pink, eventually the police made them get down. We danced down the street in a gang, singing peace songs like, “We defend the constitution/We’re the pink police” and “Impeachment’s on the table” while onlookers mostly cheered us and took photos. All the tourists wanted photos with the peace faeries and cheerleaders, so we kept having to stop to oblige.

Of course, there was dissent to our dissent. Allison, Liz and even I tried hard to engage those who sought us out to argue—one of my greatest lessons in the Pink House has been to engage, not enrage. But mostly, I think, our message is about fun and finding that doing the right thing—working for justice—is a joyous task, not an onerous one. I would like to think that even people who dismiss us: “Those CodePink folks, what a bunch of losers” are also just a little bit jealous because we’re always having such a good time.

We had such a good time, as we cheered on the parade participants and floats, that it was a truly rare group we couldn’t get at least ONE two-fingered peace sign from. From the marching bands, immigrant Americans and balloon carriers to the firefighters, Red Cross and veterans of 20th century wars, the response of peace for peace was ubiquitous. As Medea said to Bill O’Reilly last week, we’re no longer the “radical left”—CodePink’s position on the Iraq war (and, almost certainly, the potential military attack on Iran) represents that of the majority, not the minority, of this country. I think that was abundantly clear throughout the day.

Back at the Pink House in the evening, Des and helpers dished up veggie burgers and other goodies, and we “debriefed” with music, a few beers, and affectionate consultations. Never still for one second, Des and Liz were already planning out the next day’s Capitol Hill actions; unbelievably, Media and a couple of other die-hards actually went to bed before midnight. But as Joel and Jake played music, we sang and enjoyed the cool, damp evening, pleased to have had such a great day for—and OF—peace.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Peace Signs on Parade

Five valiant Code Pinkers -- Medea, Des, Liz, Sam, Midge -- and Sam's friend Jake camped out on Constitution Avenue all night to secure us a great spot for the 4th of July parade. Back at the Pink House the next morning, the DC crew assembled tasty home-cooked food (thank you Ena from Maine!), props galore and other equipment, while putting on pink tutus and other costumes made the night before.

About 9:30, the National Archives Building was the setting for one of our themes for Independence Day: "Support the Constitution." Joan, Marie, Des, Liz, Medea and Dave Barrows (aka "Devilish George Bush") marched in formation from our spot across from the IRS headquarters to the beautiful Archives Bldg, singing and chanting. Once there, these Code Pinkers joined in with participants, including redcoats playing fife and drum. Actors dressed as Founding Fathers read the Declaration of Independence and the names of the signers. The reactions of spectators ranged from "take my picture with you" positive to neutral; no negatives.

Back at our campsite on the parade route, Terra organized photo ops for over 30 passersby who wanted to have a Kodak moment with Code Pinkers, particularly Samantha (CA) and Ena, who shared "I Miss America" honors and the Radical Cheerleaders.

Shaking their plastic-bag pom-poms and swinging their hips, the women chanted:

Not if but when!
I'll say it again!
That's rev, rev, revolution!

As the parade came slowly down the wide boulevard, several Code Pinkers stood on cement flower pots holding up the "Dissent is Patriotic" banner above the heads of the crowd. One of the first floats presented the Military Order of the Purple Heart; a boy sitting on it gave us the peace sign with both hands and blew us a kiss, to our delight.

For the entire parade, we cheered, waved props, and called out: "Give us a peace sign!" In virtually every contingent where folks had a free hand (not bagpipers or marching bands or baton twirlers for obvious reasons), at least one marcher gave us the peace sign. I was amused to see the sly little smiles and glances of young men in the bands as they tried to play music and check out Code Pink at the same time. A Peruvian musician, dressed in magnificent costume, managed to play his pipes AND give us the peace sign twice!

Highlights for me included:

Our holding up the banner with this quote by Benjamin Franklin, "Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither," as a float with Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin figures passed by. "Ben" nodded graciously, smiled and gave us the peace sign in response.

Liz running out into the street with a twirly ribbon stick and dancing as a band from Surprize, Arizona marched by. "Arizona, give us a peace sign!" she yelled.

And at the end of the parade, Medea, Sam, Ena, Rae and Marie running out to join the Hari Krishna contingent.

As the crowd began to disperse, Medea got on the "womanhorn" with the Code Pink message of defiance of the Bushites, and support for the Constitution. Final photo ops for our entire contingent for student and professional photographers wrapped things up, and we sang our signature song for the day:

"We defend the Constitution
We're the Pink Police!
We defend the Constitution
and we defend free speech!

Can you hear the people shouting
It's become a roar!
Can't you hear the people shouting,
Time to end the war!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pink Police arrest Bush and Libby @ White House

George Bush-Soft on Crime - Scooter Libby Should be Doing Time

Laurie Meier
CODEPINK St.Louis - Local Coordinator - in DC

Today CODEPINK responded to an early morning call from retired Col. Anne Wright to mobilize in front of the White House to protest Bush's decision to commute Scooter Libby's sentence to only a measly $250,000 fine AND NO JAIL TIME! A car full of PINKs sported a Bush-devil costume and Libby-jail-jumpsuit costume Liz (AZ) and David (MD). The PINK police circled Bush and Libby with yellow disaster tape Medea (CA), Marie (CA), and Suzanne (AK), while other PINKs had the bull horns Deseree (TX) and Laurie (MO) chanting the following:

George Bush is soft on crime
Scooter Libby should be doing time


For he's a jolly good felon
For he's a jolly good felon
For he's a jolly good feloooooooooooooon
-AND he should go to jail

And he should go to jail
And he should go to jail
For he's a jolly good felon
And he should go to jail

Arvind (TX), Midge (MO), Janet (CA, and Tara (VA) helped document the moment. "Filming street theater dramatics helps the people realize the lack of justice from our leaders who are supposed to be serving America" says Midge (MO). There were also loads of media and tourists capturing and some participating in the action. Some media-personnel located inside the gate on the lawn of the White House waiting for Tony Snow to hold a Press Conference said they definitely could hear our bull-horned chants.

After the press died down CODEPINK Marie (CA) and Laurie (MO) went to go get the car and needed to wait on the side of the road as the other PINKs were finishing up. Marie and Laurie, then, noticed a motorcade approaching- fast, and the busy DC street cleared. Laurie put her PINK police cap on and both gals jumped out of the car and made a halting motion with peace fingers in front of the motorcade. One of the black SUVs intimidatingly swerved toward them and sped away.

Todays CODEPINK action was a follow-up to a CODEPINK action outside the federal courthouse in DC where the court handed down their decision on Libby.

CLICK HERE to read more on this in Janet's blogpost.

Libby Goes Free, Code Pink Goes into Action

With headlines about Bush's commuting of "Scooter" Libby's 2+ year sentence for perjury blaring from every DC newspaper, Code Pinkers grabbed props, costumes, signs and bullhorns (shouldn't we call them "womanhorns"?) and headed over to the White House. Our favorite Lt. Colonel, Ann Wright, had phoned in the update: Bush is back at 1600 Pennsylvania and Ann wanted us to make some noise.

Two Pink Police quickly got out the crime scene tape and made sure a "devilish" Bush and a "dressed for the Big House" Libby stayed behind it, while other Code Pinkers gathered 'round. Suzanne from Alaska held her sign, "No pardon for criminals - Libby and Bush." Medea led us in a chant, "George Bush is soft on crime!" The TV correspondents setting up on the White House lawn didn't pay attention to the loud demands for justice, but soon a crowd, including a man from Cameroon who couldn't stop laughing, came for photo ops and handshakes with the "criminals" and Pink Police. Families visiting for the 4th of July, tourists from other countries, and student groups took photos and fell into conversations about Libby and related matters.

After a while a couple of policemen (one from SWAT) came around, probably attracted by the crowd, and explained that no stationary "demonstration" is allowed between the two large posts in front of the White House. "Bush" and his felonious pal, with Pink Police and others at their side, began a walking demo, continuing the message of outrage at this miscarriage of justice, in outrageously eye-catching outfits.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Video from CODEPINK Kid's March on Mother's Day...

Check out this video I just found from CODEPINK's Mother's Day 2007 rally at the White House. We had a wonderful time at our Peace picnic that celebrated the power of children's ability to help create a better world for themselves.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this historic kid oriented march on Pennsylvania Avenue, thanks to those who are doing what you can to achieve similar goals in your own community, and thanks to whoever shot this video and posted it on YouTube.

Here are some links to blog posts from CODEPINK's actions regarding Mother's Day 2007:

Mother's Day 2007

CODEPINK women invade military show in DC on Mother's Day!

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