Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bottom Up Activism

Brainstorming, Code Pink style:

Riding to the National Press Club to see Mitch McConnell, working
on a simple messaging chant about the stimulus. NTodd talks too much,
then Medea boils it all down brilliantly. Thanks to Katy for filming.

Yeah, I talk too much. But hey, I'm an overcaffeinated activist.


Love From An Overcaffeinated Activist

Mitch McConnell at the National Press Club yesterday:

On issue after issue, members of both parties have too often fallen into the habit of asking narrow interest groups what they think should be done about something before thinking about what the average American thinks should be done.

This is how a group like CodePink could end up having so much influence in a national debate about the conduct of a war. This is why a prominent labor leader thinks he can tell a reporter that he expects 'payback' from Democrats for the support he gave them during last year's elections. And this is how vulgar insults hurled from overcaffeinated activists can suddenly pass for legitimate political discourse.

When these things happen, it's easy to see why cynicism about government persists.

We were there to applaud when he singled us out, but during dessert Medea, Katy, Anne, Deidra and I were ejected from the luncheon, despite not having done anything, not being pinked out, etc. If folks are interested, my online radio show debriefed that action and other things about this week's activities, including a few very interesting callers, so check out the archive.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pinking The New White House

Obama's first full day in charge and we were at his new house reminding him that we can-can live in peace:

A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.

All the way from Liberia to see the Inauguration.

The action goes interactive...

...with lots of people joining in the dance.

Hugging for a peaceful world.

Notice they're sporting new Obama Peace Promises ribbons.

Who's that dashing man in the pink boa?

What an amazing time the last week has been...


Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 11 2009 DC Close Gitmo-StopTorture policies

Jan 11 2009 Cold but clear day on the streets-

DC Says Stop the Torture Stop the Terror in our names!!

Hundreds of activists gathered at Dupont Circle in the name of justice to show support for the 7 years of rogue regime through torture,extraordinary rendition,black sites,and US policy that has promoted terror. There were about 70 people who donned orange jumpsuits to march the streets for a procession to mark our last year of Guantanamo.Before the march there was astreet theater skit that depicted an enactment of the various actors that perform the roles asssociated with interrogator and demonstrated how it takes many to terrorize -it takes 8 interrogators to guard one prisoner at Gitmo.
We have great hope that in the first 100 days of the new administration we can turn the page on these flawed policies that in fact render us all less safe.The next adminstration can free us all from the guilt of bad policy.The highest hope we have is to begin making right the last 8 years of totally tragic harmful evil policy. Speak up now to forever close these injustices in the future!Let US begin leading by exammple in 2009!!!!!We need to make certain Obama prioritizes the people mandate --it all starts with us!!! Denounce Torture Let's Close Gitmo forever!!

Liz reporting from DC

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stop the Violence in Gaza CEASEFIRE NOW-Ariz
CODEPINK Phoenix Arizona Dec 30 2008

CODEPINK and other concerned activists were out at the new light rail station yesterday educatingvia phone-a-thon the public about the lack of leadership on behalf of our gov't toward the unrest violence,and stop the block of medical supplies in Gaza.We asked constituents to call the State Dept, Members of Congress,Israeli Consulate,Miss Condi Rice to voice opposition for all forms of violence promote a surge in diplomacy,and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza immediately.This is a crisis where people are starving,ambulances have no petrol to operate and handle emergency situations!Ask everyone you know to please call Obama's transtition team Help the people of Gaza are under seige and starving Yes they can have medicine not war!!
We say STOP the violence
Stop the Killing in Gaza