Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pink House Mama moves on

Big changes are happening in DC and we're not just talking about Congress. We are writing to share with you the news that Desiree has decided that as of August she will retire from her role as Pink House Mama and move on to the next chapter in her epic life. Des never thought she'd be in this role this long - 2 1/2 years! - and the time has come for us to offer forth our gratitude for the incredible work she has done, the space she has created for the magic to happen in DC. CODEPINK's presence in DC has been in large part made possibly by Desiree's heart, dedication, hard work behind the scenes and on the front lines, and non-stop caring, creativity, cooking, cleaning, chanting, acting... and the list goes on. Des is a wonder woman in PINK and an inspiration to us all, and we know that as she moves into her own place, she'll remain an active member of our PINK family, in action and in gatherings. Read Des's letter to you below.

While Des will move to a new home in the beltway, our Pink House continues. This summer we have an excellent opportunity to gather in action during the final week that Congress is in session before the August recess (and Des's last week at the Pink House!). Join us for our Women's Leadership Intensive in DC July 26-August 1 (Sunday-Saturday): PINK the halls of Congress, meet with CODEPINK cofounders and staff for a special pink strategy session and a dance party that would make Emma Goldman proud. Here's a letter from Des:

Sisters and Brothers-in-Peace,

Believe it or not, when Rae welcomed me through the doors of the PINK HOUSE 2 1/2 years ago, I had NO idea I would be here that long or grow so much!! My initial plan was to help out during the anniversary of the war 2007 action and stay for just 1 month!

"Pinking" the Hill, working with peacemakers from all over the country and welcoming activists from Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Pakistan and Vietnam to the PINK HOUSE has been a profound experience for me for which I am eternally grateful. I have learned and experienced so much in such a short a span of time thanks to the women I have worked so closely with over the last two years, dear Ann, Dana, Gael, Joan, Jodie, Leslie, Liz, Lydia, Medea, Nancy, Rae, and Sam and hundreds of others! Thank you for teaching me so much!

Opportunities to learn and contribute will continue as I will be close by the PINK HOUSE in my own apartment and as a Youth Services Librarian every day I share lessons learned as an empowered "pinker" for peace and social justice.

The PINK HOUSE lives on, albeit only as long as you want it to. Please continue supporting our work by coming to DC, especially if you've never stayed here or can help support other activists to come to the Hill.
Come see me and PINK ON!!!

Desiree Fairooz
CODEPINK DC / Activist House Coordinator