Thursday, January 31, 2008

CONGRESSIONAL Meetings 01.31.08

Maggie signing into Harry Mitchell's guest book 01.31.08 Lead US out of Iraq now Harry! no more $$$ for failed poicy of endless occuaption & let's get Out of IRAQ!!

Harry Mitchell's office Alexis Tameron is the new Chief of Staff
Gene Fischer recently retired(FYI)above

Maggie & Liz were marching for peace & out of Iraq today on Capitol Hill as we visited almost every representative for the good state of Arizona! We ran into Senator Jeff Bingaman who coincidentally is a relation to Miss Maggie.We spent a few minutes talking about the Energy Bil
and gave the Senator a few flyers & Peace Please sticker then we had to move on quickly because there was a full agenda of improtant days events synchronized.
We need more arizona folks to take part and remember Democracy needs our participation without people participation our stay at home & complain attitude does nothing to change the injustice and corporate Empire mentality

so get up and speak out act up do something everyday IT MATTERS your VOICE CAN MAKE A diferrence if you find and use it often

LIZ arizona the PEACE TEAM IN DC

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Judiciary vs Justice!!

Senate Judiciary Committee, led by our superstar, Patrick Leahy, held an oversight hearing of the Justice Department and the work of Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

A contingent of 8 Codepinkers ensured that the voices of our constituency was heard. Arriving all in bright orange jumpsuits, black hoods and collared signs reading WE WILL NOT BE SILENT!

We also held up a sign for each one of the reasons we will not be silent: GITMO, TORTURE, WARRANTLESS WIRETAPPING, RENDITION, CIA TAPES, VOTER SUPPRESSION, and WATERBOARDING.

This was the first time Mukasey has appeared before the Senate as Attorney General, and it was the first Senate hearing Code Pink had attended this session.

We were very present but not very pink (more orange). The signs said it all, but we could not hold our frustration to ourselves. We made two comments after Senator Leahy announced the end of the session and before the gavel.

One person addressed Mukasey by saying something like , "Attorney General Mukasey, as a naturalized citizen of the United States I found your tortured responses to senators' questions offensive to our democracy." Liz politely asked, "Could we have a little justice in the Justice Department?" We heard later that we were visible and audible on the C-Span coverage.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day in Court -

Today i had my day in court after being falsely arrested on 10.24.08
in the foreign affairs hearing on Middle East Policy in the Rayburn House office building where Miss Condi Rice(WAR CRiMINAL) testified.I spent 30 hours in jail endured a 6 week BANNING from Rayburn house office building.This was my day to find some justice with the help of my friends Leslie & Jes on the stand and all the other friends who drove us to court & spent the day in court as support !!!!!I really thank you all and appreciate the great commitment we all share to find a way OUT of IRAQ through peace and diplomacy!We make sacrifces based on the firm belief we are taking moral action in nonviolent peaceful ways to change our unjust system
Capitol Police should wake up & be taking action calling the same do nothing politicians DEMANDING THEY END THE FUNDING OF WEAK POLICY of occupation in Iraq which undermines our national security
This case was such a complete joke on testimony alone!
The witness' 2 female police officers contradicted eachothers testimony & helped my case.
Captain Mark Sullivan didn't show up!!Captain Mark Sullivan the person who escalated the moments post Bloody Hands in the hearing was absent. After 2 hours the judge concluded the evidence didn't support anything other than NOT GUILTY!

Justice walked out of the Courthouse with her TIARA on.........
LIZ ARIZONA -we want out of iraq

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shahid's Farewell Party 01.26.08

Shahid Buttar is an amazing young activist,lawyer, rapper -extraordinaire who will be missed by many & very hard to replace on various levels!CODEPINKERS went to the bon voyage party last night at the Belmont House to send a strong message of support to our friend and ally!

We Codepinkers send our well wishes and words of wisdom as Shahid's life finds new challenges ahead totake on in San Fran California. Our path will cross again ......We LOVE YOU Shahid!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dick Cheney at the Heritage Foundation 01.23.08

CODEPINK activists had a visual appearance and boisterous tone as we staged street theater outside the Heritage Foundation this morning into

this afternoon as a greeting to our dishonorable Vice President Dick Cheney!

Dishonorable tricky Dick was at the Heritage speaking on the topic of the need for FISA

He believes illegal eavesdropping on american citizens makes us safer

we believe otherwise............many of the congressional members have fear in their hearts that someone is eavesdropping on them!!

We had many positive coments from passersby and some even took a moment for a photo opportunity~~~~

Tricky Dick had to sneak out the side exit because he can't face a few women in PINK!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Combatants for Peace 01.22.08 Bus Boys & Poets

Busboys & Poets Welcomes the Peacemakers
Support the work of these courageous people!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Today was MLK Day 01.21.08 very cold!!

We concerned citizen activists celebrated in the spirit of Justice with an action at Lockheed Martin location because of continued manufacture & use of Cluster Bomb Munitions. Lockheed Martin is one of many War Profiteers that have reported record earnings recently!!The earnings for this quater alone just seem Amazing.....crazy th elast couple of years

Cluster Bombs are designed to cover areas not as a precision bomblet.They have no deactivation mechanism to disarm after X amount of hours as other bombs.The victims on average of these Cluster bomb munitions are generally civilian populations and children are frequently the target just the nature of curiousity. Years after war children are greatly affected!We ask the US to wake up and CEASE the use of Cluster Bombs Take action Friends!!!It is not like a disease that we are waiting to cure! We can Simply Demand our senators act on this and CEASE the USE

Call your Senator 202.224.3121 switchboard

We need your help to bring attention to the Death machine and where your tax paying $$$$ are channeled.PLEASE TAKE ACTION for the innocence that are being killed and maimed

Let's Promote Need over GREED!!NEED OVER GREED!!!!!!!!!!!

My Code PINK Trip

Tomorrow I leave the Code PINK house and head back to California...
During my two weeks here I participated in the "Shut Down Guantanamo" march and protest, the Dr. Martin Luther King march, a Halliburton protest, listened to speakers from Palestine, dressed up as a polar bear for the global warming and energy independence hearing, participated in street theatre, sat in on hearings, visited many museums and much more. I learned so much from Code PiNK organizers and all of the wonderful national organizers that visit the house. The wednesday potlucks were my favorite nights. There were always new people to meet and network with, as well as yummy dez and ellen-made foods:)

The GTMO action hosted by anmesty international was so powerful. Everyone had on orange jumpsuits and black cloth over their faces, knelt in fetal stress posititions, and then marched onto the steps of the Supreme Court. Every row of people who walked to the stairs got arrested including a few Code PiNKers.

The whole experience has been so awakening. It was like a summer camp for peacemakers. I also had the honor of wittnessing Wexler's presentation on impeachment (and even let out a "whooo0o!!!" in the gallery). I had the disappointment of meeting with my upper staff members of my representative, Wally Herger. There I learned that the reason for his nay on the 2007 energy bill was that "he thought his constituents were more concerned with the increase in the price of corn from the ethanol mandates than with global warming." Too bad Mr. Herger never graduated from college, for then he would know the price of global warming far outweighs that insignificant increase in corn due to the ethanol mandate section of the 2007 energy bill. Anyways... my stay with Code PiNk has been an amazing learning experience, one I will take back to my student group Campus Involvement & Awareness (! Thanks Code Pink. Keep on keepin on!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rivers of Blood in Capitol crypt action Post court

Yesterday Friday 01.18.08 it was our pleasure as
CODEPINKERS to show up at court to 500 Indiana street in
support of the Rivers of Blood Action in the Capitol Crypt!
This was an action on September 20th 2007 in which over 30 activists from all over the country convened to depict where the Rivers of Blood started in the Hub of worldly power here in DC. This group of morally just folks had shirts with blood stains and various anti-war messages!
The activists laid down in the Crypt and were subsequently arrested!

They had more than one day in court it was more like 3days. The judge gave out several different sentences depending on past acts of nonviolent & peace resistance type actions. The most harsh 10 days suspended, 6 months probation, $100 fine to victim fund,Stay-away from Capitol Crypt. Another group rec'd 7 days suspended, 6 months probation,$50 toward victims fund, Stay away from Cap Crypt. Joan Nicholson 74 year young activist from Pennsylvania mentioned her age & it appeared the judge gave her a lesser penalty 3 days suspended, 6 months prob,$ 50 fine, stay away from the Crypt~

Each person had an opportunity to speak to the court at sentencing. It was thought provokingly very powerful!! Each made a point to say we are not trying to do this for attention but to relay our peace messages WITH EDUCATING THE VISITORS TO THIS IMMORAL WAR/OCCUPATION IN IRAQ. It was fascinating to listen to each person make the case for the unjust sentence........These peace warriors were shocked the judge thought this beautiful action could possibly incite violence!!!!!
This was the outrageous claim made by the government and the judge took it as reason to convict!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Save the Polar Bears!

CODEPINKERS Ashley, Bonnie, Ariel, Dee,Charlie, Des Liz went to Capitol Hill today 3 were dressed up in Polar Bear costumes as we planned on attending the hearing on the plight of Polar Bears & to bring attention to the issue of drilling in Alaska & Global Warming!There were 2 fully decorated Polar Bears that had pink messages "Don't Drill in My Home" as well as several other CODEPINKERS in Pink flashy outfits.

The people that are believers in science are concerned about the dangers associated with a warmer planet.There is direct scientific evidence showing in just a few short years some countries will be under water and no longer exist like Micronesia.We have an opportunity now to somewhat reverse these current energy issues! We Must Act NOW!!

Codepinkers understand the connection between the warming of our planet and this endless occupation of Iraq! Dependency on foreign natural resources will always make the US less secure this is why we must promote clean energy, fuel efficient vehicles, high speed rail, local farmers markets etc.....

19th Century energy policies coinciding with dependence on OIL are undermining the national security of the US. This was an opportunity to get our message out "Save Polar Bears!" with a strong energy policy and save the environment.

My congressman John Shadegg sits on the Select Energy committee but seems to think Global Warming is not a real threat! Time and time again Shadegg votes against progressive environmental policy shifts and has voted against Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels which really doesn't represent the majority of Arizona's constituents or the realities of the type of change we need to pursue for tomorrow's sake~Protecting the Polar Bears means protecting all life forms on Mother let's not
leave Arizona back in the last century....let's look forward and save the polar bears and stop the addiction to OIL and fossil fuels!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Letter to Muhammed - Prisoner in Guantanamo on the Six Year Anniversary of Its Opening

Dear Muhammad Ejaz Khan:

I finally found the correct spelling of your name from the list of detainees on The Pentagon list spelled it incorrectly.

As a member of Code Pink Women for Peace, I am writing to let you know that there are many Americans who care about yours and others' extended imprisonment without charges in Guantanamo Prison and named and "secret" prisons around the world. (I believe that Guantanamo is truly a Maximum Security Prison and not a "Camp" , unless you call this a "Concentration Camp"...I am not allowed to visit to find out for myself!)

On Friday, January 11, 2008 hundreds of people gathered on a rainy, cold day in Washington, D.C. from around the country to protest the continued imprisonment without charge the reported 275 persons still imprisoned in Guantanamo on the sixth anniversary of the first detainee being brought there.

When were you brought to Guantanamo and what circumstances caused you to be picked up in Afghanistan since you were born in Alipoor, Pakistan I am told. What is your real birth date? The one on the Pentagon record is 1-1-71, but "Cage Prisoners" does not publish the birth dates because there is no proof available in most cases.

Where is your family living? I realize that to tell me this might get them killed, so I do not expect to hear back from you on this, but I would like to meet your family some day...

I believe that we are one family supported by planet earth. That is part of the reason that I took your name on Friday and surrendered my Driver's License in the Nonviolent Direct Action at the Supreme Court in the Nation's Capital. I was born into a country in which one is innocent until proven guilty. I believe that you are innocent, especially since your guilt in any crime warranting your extended imprisonment has not been proven.

I cannot imagine what you have been through in Gitmo! My heart becomes sad, then shuts down and becomes numb thinking about the travesty of torture promulgated upon Muslim people by the Bush Administration in its "War on Terror" in multiple known and unknown prison sites around the world...

But today (January 11) I chose to focus on YOUR imprisonment. (Actually we did an action at a Mall in Western Massachusetts, where we marched in orange jumpsuits wearing signs saying " The united States of America I believe in ... would not through the mall passing out information about the sixth anniversary and spoke to people about yours and other prisoners' plight in Gitmo until we were lead out of the Mall by security guards. I spoke your name and mae up how you might have been picked up and brought to prison. WHY ARE YOU STILL BEING HELD?!

I am hoping that the kind of publicity that we have raised about yours and others' imprisonment will lead to your release, eventual healing from the traumas you have witnessed and experienced. I believe that this is the very LEAST that I can do to say no to the immoral and shameful Bush-Cheney policy of torture , torture by rendition and (seomtimes secret)indefinite detention without legal charge or evidence. You should have the right to challenge your detention via Habeas Corpus. We are advocating that everyone call their Congresspersons at 202-224-3121 and ask for a closing of Guantanamo and an end to torture as an official policy of the United States military and agencies and its agents and sub-contractors.

We got a glimpse of what you go through. Some have speculated that our imprisonment was so difficult in order to discourage future demonstrations at the Supreme Court. There was an outside procession, which I cannot report about.Information about it can be found on the Witness Against Torture website:

My dear Muhammed, I was arrested on my knees a few minutes after arriving in the Rotunda of the Supreme Court. My friend and I were to have served as liasons with the Supreme Court Police after our program on Guantanamo started up. They grabbed my arms and pulled them harshly behind my back, never giving us warnings. 82 of us were arrested for standing up for you all, about half inside the Supreme Court and half outside...We felt that it was the right thing to do, to stand up for you and raise more awareness about this deplorable fact of the sixth anniversary of imprisonment at Guantanamo!

Whatever the reason, we were held for 28-30 hours with inadequate water and food. In my case I was moved with a changing group of seven to five different jail sites, not allowing us any sleep. Each time the women were frisked, even though we had been jailed, guarded, and transported by police personnel. But who is supposed to have a rational experience in prison?! Friends that we came with suddenly disappeared from our midst. This was disorienting as we worried about their whereabouts.

In the last jail at the District Court on Indiana Avenue there were fourteen of us in a single jail cell. None of the jail cells throughout the time we were held was clean. In fact they were all filthy! I tried to sleep by covering my head with the neck portion of my turtleneck sweater flipped over my shoe. (Laces had been removed...)

Our main goal was to get our name recorded in the Congressional Record, so when we went to Court the following day to be arraigned, when called upon to state our names, we gave the name of the detainee we were representing. We hope that you are still alive and that you are okay. I want to hear your voice and see you face once more. I pray daily for your legal representation by an attorney, for your prompt release and return to your family, for a full recovery of your health and well being and that you might never experience torture again.

I have decided to send this letter to you via the website Cage I hope that you receive it and that you will know that I/we care about you-ALL of you!

I hope even more people will join the protest of the torture and rendition program which will increase the likelihood of your release to your family. (NOT some secret prison somewhere...)

Don't lose hope-it lives!

Beth Adams-Code Pink - Western Massachusetts from D.C. Code Pink House

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The DC Pink House Experience

By Dee & Charlie Ivy
Taking action in DC: Jan. 11-20, 2008

It was a joy to arrive here at the CODEPINK house in DC last night and meet some amazing women! After sharing dinner, which was prepared and on the table (and delicious), Charlie and I went monument hopping in the dark, as I we had heard this was a beautiful way to explore the National Mall and all the monuments. And it was!

This morning we had the great privilege of joining John Nirenberg on his final leg of his march from Boston’s Faneuil Hall to Washington, DC to urge Congress to hold impeachment hearings on both President Bush and VP Cheney. John 60 years old and currently a professor of organizational development . He said he teaches corporate social responsibility, and what he teaches his students is not playing out today in our government. When we asked him why he decided to take this journey, he said that he just couldn’t sign one more petition or write one more letter. “I had to do something more” he said. He went on to say that he hadn’t really expected anyone else to join in his journey and was pleasantly surprised each time it happened.

John brought with him a beautiful banner “WE THE PEOPLE” (from the Backbone Campaign) to present to Speaker Pelosi and we were all pleased to have the opportunity to sign it as we gathered this morning. John said he felt that for Nancy Pelosi, once elected, to take impeachment off the table is, in effect, to pardon both Bush and Cheney. He said we must bring them to justice for a multitude of high crimes and misdemeanors as well as a monumental array of unethical actions. He feels in failing to impeach, Congress has granted a permanent license to the president and vice president to continue to act above the law. He fears this sends the wrong message to the next administration, no matter which party is elected, and that this is not a precedent we can afford to establish. We both join John in asking Congress to do the right thing and thereby maybe the faith that has been lost, can be restored in the system as well as in our leaders.

Tonight we watched Sir, No Sir (do yourself a favor and rent this). It was difficult to watch, but once again the stories we knew (and some we didn’t) were confirmed through these individual stories. One soldier told the story of how important it was that they counted every body because the body count was used to confirm success in the Vietnam War. Because it was a sign of success, they counted them all! This caught our attention in light of today’s fact that we claim it impossible to come up with a body count of Iraqis. I guess that’s one lesson our government did learn from the Vietnam war - body counts are not really popular!
The night ended with Beth coming home – from jail! She, along with 81 others, was arrested yesterday as they demonstrated in front of the Supreme Court against the continued detention of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. We end this day once again feeling honored to be in this house with such beautiful women of conscience and to welcome Beth home.

Pinking Posada

With expectations to shed pink light on the hypocrisy of the Bush Administration's War on Terror and to reexpose the fact that the U.S. government provides safe haven for terrorists, CODEPINK activists from as far away as Hawaii, California, Arizona and Texas flew into Miami, the home of Luis Posada Carriles, the CIA supported anti-Castro exile from Cuba who masterminded the downing of a Cuban civilian airliner that ended the lives of its 73 passengers.

"The FBI has determined that Luis Posada Carriles is a threat to our national security and the U.S. Justice Department's finding describe him as an unrepentant criminal who masterminded plots and attacks." a statement from congressional hearing dated November 15, 2007. Posada, himself, boasted about other terrorist acts committed on hotels in Havana.

Although it is widely known that the Cuban exile community of 'ore provides unwavering support for Posada Carriles, we hoped that the Versailles restaurant would offer us an opportunity to speak to Cuban-Americans about the danger this man presents and to enlist their help in exposing him for what he is.

The local media have been quite intrigued with the prospect of peace activists in pink arriving to their city to pressure the FBI into putting Posada Carriles on the Most Wanted Criminals digital billboards.

After being invited to a Spanish language tv talk show, believing it to be just an interview about this campaign,in fact it was Arrebatados,

a right-wing shouting match in which the two of us were pitted opposite three Cuban exiles who came with sheets and sheets of information on Medea and CODEPINK while we had no clue who the people were verbally attacking us. One of these "guests"accused us of being provocateurs and terrorists. This same individual when questioned admitted to planning and participating in violent tactics if nonviolent ones do not bring about the desired end. Off air he told Medea that "you might well get your head bashed in like a coconut." After leaving this show we thought better of going into Versailles and instead decided on holding a press conference across the street.

In preparation for our press conference on Calle Ocho across from the Cuban exile haven Versailles Cafe, an iconic restaurant in the heart of Little Havana, Medea, Ann, Nancy, Liz, Tighe and myself woke early to the lapping of the warm waters against Ray's boat and the swishing of Caribbean breezes over palm fronds.

The day before, after much discussion with local friends and connections, we decided that the pink police outfits could create unneccessary hostility and thought it best to be rather gaudy than gruff and put the power of PINK to disarm the "patriotas".

So taking advice from Tighe's buddy, Ray, we went to the Red, White and Blue, a superb second-hand clothing store in search of pink dresses.

In no more than 15 minutes the CODEPINK magic did its trick and voila, we had a treasure trove of pink accoutrement, a soft pink felt Ranger hat in mint condition for our colonel Ann, a sleek satin spaghetti-strapped gown for Liz, a voluptuously beaded wine colored one for Nancy, a florescent hot pink skating leotard for Medea and a hibiscus flowered sundress for me.

Tighe, a veritable magician with a hammer and nails miraculously created our "float" by attaching a Wanted banner of Posada Carriles to an A-frame wooden apron. He lined it with a pink muslin banner of letters so huge they virtually shouted END TERRORISM! After hauling it into the bed of the fire-engine red Dodge pickup we "pinked" it up with plastic skirts, our hand painted "CODEPINK says NO to terrorism" banner, pink-painted messages of CODEPINK:women for peace and love and PAZ, adorned with childlike drawings of pink hearts, flowers and peace signs.

After primping and pinking ourselves we headed anxiously down to Calle Ocho. En route, Medea called Detective Jorge Gonzalez who had committed to being at Versailles and ensuring us police protection. He intimated that everything was under control and set up for our press conference across the street from the Versailles restaurant as we had been threatened by one of the guests on the Spanish language television show Arrebatados.

We didn't even make it to the intersection in front of Versailles before a mob of about 200 "mambistas" began yelling obscenities at us. As the truck approached the area, one older grey templed man took the six foot poles of the American and Cuban flags and came running towards us pointing their ends at the front passenger window as if he were a javelin thrower. If not for the younger wiser individual who held him back, Ann Wright or I would have had our heads speared. Another man attempted to jump onto the bed of the truck to rip out the frilly fringe to our sign. Yet another chased us about four blocks as we circumvented the mob.

Needless to say, the event was fraught with tension and violence albeit by little old men. The police, all two of them, caught up to us as we circled around wondering what to do. Should we try to have the conference anyway? Where the hell was the protection the FBI promised us? Should we give in to this intimidation or stand up for our freedom of speech and assembly? We chose the latter although we were specifically denied any protection at the scene. We came to the consensus that the only way to carry out our planned press conference was to go to the main police station since the police would not come to us. There Medea carried out several interviews with Telemundo, GenTV, channel 10, channel 4, the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel.

Although we were unable to dialogue with any Cubans that day, we did the following. See next blog: Mojitos and eggs over easy.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Arizona CodePINK presents Fundraiser for IVAW & CodePINK Travel Fund

CODEPINK Phoenix & many generous supporters- (1480 Progressive Talk Radio donated unique silent auction items)
coordinated a fundraiser to benefit Iraq Vets Against WAR new campaign Winter Soldier &
CODEPINK travel fund to enable people make a trip to lobby for Peace in DC.We reached our
goal of $500 per group......the donations are still coming in until jan 9th.Adam Kokesh & Shalom members of Iraq Vets Against the WAR joined the group for a late night conference call to discuss the focus of IVAW and how we can support the group. Winter Soldier Campaign was described in more detail as Adam& Shalom answered questions.The entire evening was timed and flowed like an orchestra just coming together 1480 am progressive talk senior broadcaster Sean Ryan brought over some unexpected unique to our community items to donate, hand out, use for auction grabs,or reuse. Thanks again to all who showed up and those who missed out WE MISSED YOU ...thanks to
Chris Edwina Victor Lonnie Sharla & kidz Leonard Debi Sham Renee Helen Enrique Kay Bob Mitch Kent Marilyn Caryn Lisa Conrad,Dennis John Henry for advertising our impromtu event on the radio thanks to all everyday!! You are all apreciated!~
We auctioned off Condi Hearing "Bloody Hands" photos and other photos. The Desiree photo Bloody Hands fetched a whooping $115 and now we need a signauture .We neglected to mention to our dearest friend Dan O'Neal active PDA leader who picked it up during auction that after Desiree signature the price has doubled to meet Ebay standards......oh well considering you showed up we will give it back for a heck of a smoking price.CodePINK is now facing a backlog of orders for the 'Bloddy Hands" photos autographed!! Nice dilemna
In conclusion a wonderful fundraiser event with LOTS OF PINK..... LOTS of CODEPINK SUPPORTERS and $$$$ as we need green to grow!!

we requested everyone
take these actions
Re: Pakistan - Call the State Dept 202.647.9823 no more $$$ for a rogue regime
/Congressmen Trent Franks & Jeff Flake
(Demand) Stop Funding Musharraf the dictator until Rule of law is restored
call Trent Franks 623.776.7911 Re Paksistan
DONATE to Refugees this month!
we realized this party was such a blast that we need to have these more often!