Monday, January 21, 2008


Today was MLK Day 01.21.08 very cold!!

We concerned citizen activists celebrated in the spirit of Justice with an action at Lockheed Martin location because of continued manufacture & use of Cluster Bomb Munitions. Lockheed Martin is one of many War Profiteers that have reported record earnings recently!!The earnings for this quater alone just seem Amazing.....crazy th elast couple of years

Cluster Bombs are designed to cover areas not as a precision bomblet.They have no deactivation mechanism to disarm after X amount of hours as other bombs.The victims on average of these Cluster bomb munitions are generally civilian populations and children are frequently the target just the nature of curiousity. Years after war children are greatly affected!We ask the US to wake up and CEASE the use of Cluster Bombs Take action Friends!!!It is not like a disease that we are waiting to cure! We can Simply Demand our senators act on this and CEASE the USE

Call your Senator 202.224.3121 switchboard

We need your help to bring attention to the Death machine and where your tax paying $$$$ are channeled.PLEASE TAKE ACTION for the innocence that are being killed and maimed

Let's Promote Need over GREED!!NEED OVER GREED!!!!!!!!!!!


JimPreston said...

Nice Job!! The photos make it look like such a nice sunny day, and then I see all the hats!!! BRRRRR!!!!
I wish I had been there with you all yesterday, today, and every day, but I wouldn't trade all my tomorrows with you for anything. Soon we will be rolling forward in peace, for peace, with peace, towards peace.
with love,

Hecate said...

Thank you for all that you do. May the Goddess bless you and increase your work.

Eileen Coles said...

Very proud and happy to see this. The DoD contractors are behind a great deal of the horror and think themselves distant and untouchable. The part they play in killing and harming other human beings needs to be brought home to them. Corruption, greed, and cruel irresponsibility need to be eradicated in these companies.

caterliz said...

This Year my groups in az plan on mass actions outisde the military industrial complex!!

the War Profiteers need to our attention !!!!!