Monday, January 21, 2008

My Code PINK Trip

Tomorrow I leave the Code PINK house and head back to California...
During my two weeks here I participated in the "Shut Down Guantanamo" march and protest, the Dr. Martin Luther King march, a Halliburton protest, listened to speakers from Palestine, dressed up as a polar bear for the global warming and energy independence hearing, participated in street theatre, sat in on hearings, visited many museums and much more. I learned so much from Code PiNK organizers and all of the wonderful national organizers that visit the house. The wednesday potlucks were my favorite nights. There were always new people to meet and network with, as well as yummy dez and ellen-made foods:)

The GTMO action hosted by anmesty international was so powerful. Everyone had on orange jumpsuits and black cloth over their faces, knelt in fetal stress posititions, and then marched onto the steps of the Supreme Court. Every row of people who walked to the stairs got arrested including a few Code PiNKers.

The whole experience has been so awakening. It was like a summer camp for peacemakers. I also had the honor of wittnessing Wexler's presentation on impeachment (and even let out a "whooo0o!!!" in the gallery). I had the disappointment of meeting with my upper staff members of my representative, Wally Herger. There I learned that the reason for his nay on the 2007 energy bill was that "he thought his constituents were more concerned with the increase in the price of corn from the ethanol mandates than with global warming." Too bad Mr. Herger never graduated from college, for then he would know the price of global warming far outweighs that insignificant increase in corn due to the ethanol mandate section of the 2007 energy bill. Anyways... my stay with Code PiNk has been an amazing learning experience, one I will take back to my student group Campus Involvement & Awareness (! Thanks Code Pink. Keep on keepin on!

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JimPreston said...

Thanks so much for this post. It is great for people from all over the country to let others know about the Code Pink House and the unique experience that activists can share if they are willing to just SHOW UP !! It doesn't matter if you've been an activist for 50 years, you will have a new experience at the Code Pink House (ask Mona :) ), and you just might learn something. The Jan. 11 action was one of the most visually moving events that I have participated in, and I'm sure glad you got to participate in it too.