Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day in Court -

Today i had my day in court after being falsely arrested on 10.24.08
in the foreign affairs hearing on Middle East Policy in the Rayburn House office building where Miss Condi Rice(WAR CRiMINAL) testified.I spent 30 hours in jail endured a 6 week BANNING from Rayburn house office building.This was my day to find some justice with the help of my friends Leslie & Jes on the stand and all the other friends who drove us to court & spent the day in court as support !!!!!I really thank you all and appreciate the great commitment we all share to find a way OUT of IRAQ through peace and diplomacy!We make sacrifces based on the firm belief we are taking moral action in nonviolent peaceful ways to change our unjust system
Capitol Police should wake up & be taking action calling the same do nothing politicians DEMANDING THEY END THE FUNDING OF WEAK POLICY of occupation in Iraq which undermines our national security
This case was such a complete joke on testimony alone!
The witness' 2 female police officers contradicted eachothers testimony & helped my case.
Captain Mark Sullivan didn't show up!!Captain Mark Sullivan the person who escalated the moments post Bloody Hands in the hearing was absent. After 2 hours the judge concluded the evidence didn't support anything other than NOT GUILTY!

Justice walked out of the Courthouse with her TIARA on.........
LIZ ARIZONA -we want out of iraq


LaFajita said...

Bless you Liz! This is very good news.

Hecate said...

What about Desiree?

caterliz said...

Desiree's case was continued to april! thanks for asking and supporting

Hecate said...


That's great. So happy for both of you!

JimPreston said...

They can't stop AZ Liz!!

ntodd said...