Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shahid's Farewell Party 01.26.08

Shahid Buttar is an amazing young activist,lawyer, rapper -extraordinaire who will be missed by many & very hard to replace on various levels!CODEPINKERS went to the bon voyage party last night at the Belmont House to send a strong message of support to our friend and ally!

We Codepinkers send our well wishes and words of wisdom as Shahid's life finds new challenges ahead totake on in San Fran California. Our path will cross again ......We LOVE YOU Shahid!!

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JimPreston said...

I missed another party and now I will miss Shahid. The first time I met him he was rapping:
The War on Terror,
The War on Drugs,
Run by the same set of neo-con thugs.
We got a prison-military-industrial complex
soakin' up our taxes,
funded by my paychecks.

See you all soon,