Thursday, January 17, 2008

Save the Polar Bears!

CODEPINKERS Ashley, Bonnie, Ariel, Dee,Charlie, Des Liz went to Capitol Hill today 3 were dressed up in Polar Bear costumes as we planned on attending the hearing on the plight of Polar Bears & to bring attention to the issue of drilling in Alaska & Global Warming!There were 2 fully decorated Polar Bears that had pink messages "Don't Drill in My Home" as well as several other CODEPINKERS in Pink flashy outfits.

The people that are believers in science are concerned about the dangers associated with a warmer planet.There is direct scientific evidence showing in just a few short years some countries will be under water and no longer exist like Micronesia.We have an opportunity now to somewhat reverse these current energy issues! We Must Act NOW!!

Codepinkers understand the connection between the warming of our planet and this endless occupation of Iraq! Dependency on foreign natural resources will always make the US less secure this is why we must promote clean energy, fuel efficient vehicles, high speed rail, local farmers markets etc.....

19th Century energy policies coinciding with dependence on OIL are undermining the national security of the US. This was an opportunity to get our message out "Save Polar Bears!" with a strong energy policy and save the environment.

My congressman John Shadegg sits on the Select Energy committee but seems to think Global Warming is not a real threat! Time and time again Shadegg votes against progressive environmental policy shifts and has voted against Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels which really doesn't represent the majority of Arizona's constituents or the realities of the type of change we need to pursue for tomorrow's sake~Protecting the Polar Bears means protecting all life forms on Mother let's not
leave Arizona back in the last century....let's look forward and save the polar bears and stop the addiction to OIL and fossil fuels!!


Hecate said...

Goddess bless you for all that you're doing.

JimPreston said...

AZ Liz is back in town!!!!
The Global Peace and Justice (and Environmental) Movement LIVES ON !!

EYE misU,

Anonymous said...

Liz, that's amazing -- our ultra-conservative representative agreeing to have a picture taken with a peace activist! This needs to go on our website.

Eileen Coles said...

Hey if he can wear a pink tie he can't be all bad. ;-7

Arizona has so much sunlight, doesn't this Congressman understand that there's a huge potential to develop solar energy programs and companies in his state? It would create jobs and stimulate the local economy and remove our dependence on foreign oil. How is this a problem? He probably can't relate to polar bears in Arizona but he should be able to relate to helping his local economy, at least! I hope he listens.

LaFajita said...

Wow, Liz! When I first looked at this photo, I thought you'd glommed onto one of those cardboard cutouts that street photographers use on the Mall. Since I doubt that Mr. Shadegg rates a cutout, I have to conclude this was you doing a good day's work, as usual. Welcome back!

CODEPINK said...

This Photo is a real run in....w/
John Shadegg & constituent liz
cd3 AZ