Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dick Cheney at the Heritage Foundation 01.23.08

CODEPINK activists had a visual appearance and boisterous tone as we staged street theater outside the Heritage Foundation this morning into

this afternoon as a greeting to our dishonorable Vice President Dick Cheney!

Dishonorable tricky Dick was at the Heritage speaking on the topic of the need for FISA

He believes illegal eavesdropping on american citizens makes us safer

we believe otherwise............many of the congressional members have fear in their hearts that someone is eavesdropping on them!!

We had many positive coments from passersby and some even took a moment for a photo opportunity~~~~

Tricky Dick had to sneak out the side exit because he can't face a few women in PINK!!


JimPreston said...

What a Dick!!

ntodd said...

Hmmm...those outfits look vaguely familiar...

caterliz said...

can't wait for you to come back to DC

liz des cp house

Anonymous said...

You people are blind and stupid.
You need to leave the USA and live in Pakistan or any Stan you like. You are so blind that you have no concept of how the world works. As for Berkley and the USMC I hope they pull every single dime of federal money from the city. What an insult to US citzens you are. You preach one thing and practice another, you can do as you please but the USMC cannot! Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Ever watch someone beaten down in the street for not kneeling to pray in time?
I have.
Ever seen the results of a terrorist attack on innocent women and children out shopping?
I have.
Yet you live safe and free and critisize what gives it to you.
You all need a taste of reality. I hope one of the released GITMO detainees blows one of your family members up at the mall, perhaps then it will hit home that these people want total Islamic rule of the world no matter how many centuries it takes.

Anonymous said...

We are wrong to go after people who use young girls with DOWN syndrome as suicide bombs!
Quit smoking the medicinal weed it has warped your minds!

Anonymous said...

I am sure the next step will be for you to block my posts as the rights you so highly preach about are only for those who agree with you!
What's next Berkleybad the capital of Californistan!

Desiree said...

And what did you do to help that person who did not kneel down fast enough? Hit a little harder?