Monday, January 7, 2008

Arizona CodePINK presents Fundraiser for IVAW & CodePINK Travel Fund

CODEPINK Phoenix & many generous supporters- (1480 Progressive Talk Radio donated unique silent auction items)
coordinated a fundraiser to benefit Iraq Vets Against WAR new campaign Winter Soldier &
CODEPINK travel fund to enable people make a trip to lobby for Peace in DC.We reached our
goal of $500 per group......the donations are still coming in until jan 9th.Adam Kokesh & Shalom members of Iraq Vets Against the WAR joined the group for a late night conference call to discuss the focus of IVAW and how we can support the group. Winter Soldier Campaign was described in more detail as Adam& Shalom answered questions.The entire evening was timed and flowed like an orchestra just coming together 1480 am progressive talk senior broadcaster Sean Ryan brought over some unexpected unique to our community items to donate, hand out, use for auction grabs,or reuse. Thanks again to all who showed up and those who missed out WE MISSED YOU ...thanks to
Chris Edwina Victor Lonnie Sharla & kidz Leonard Debi Sham Renee Helen Enrique Kay Bob Mitch Kent Marilyn Caryn Lisa Conrad,Dennis John Henry for advertising our impromtu event on the radio thanks to all everyday!! You are all apreciated!~
We auctioned off Condi Hearing "Bloody Hands" photos and other photos. The Desiree photo Bloody Hands fetched a whooping $115 and now we need a signauture .We neglected to mention to our dearest friend Dan O'Neal active PDA leader who picked it up during auction that after Desiree signature the price has doubled to meet Ebay standards......oh well considering you showed up we will give it back for a heck of a smoking price.CodePINK is now facing a backlog of orders for the 'Bloddy Hands" photos autographed!! Nice dilemna
In conclusion a wonderful fundraiser event with LOTS OF PINK..... LOTS of CODEPINK SUPPORTERS and $$$$ as we need green to grow!!

we requested everyone
take these actions
Re: Pakistan - Call the State Dept 202.647.9823 no more $$$ for a rogue regime
/Congressmen Trent Franks & Jeff Flake
(Demand) Stop Funding Musharraf the dictator until Rule of law is restored
call Trent Franks 623.776.7911 Re Paksistan
DONATE to Refugees this month!
we realized this party was such a blast that we need to have these more often!


Richard said...

Great news.

I'm running as a Democrat against Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ-06) and favor immediate withdrawal from Iraq as well as cutting off funding to the illegitimate regime in Pakistan.

Please let me know how I can help Arizona CodePINK.

JimPreston said...

Sounds like a great effort to help out IVAW and CODEPINK. The Heart of the Resistance is Beating!!!

SWEET DEAL!!! The 'Bloody Hands' picture sounds like a hot product!! I wish I were a better businessman (but not at the expense of not being a crazy peace-dreamer). I sure am glad that someone came up with the idea.

CodePink Forever!!

caterliz said...

Ricahrd Best of Luck against Jeff Flake

we need a replacement in Mesa!!

let me know what i can do!

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