Thursday, January 31, 2008

CONGRESSIONAL Meetings 01.31.08

Maggie signing into Harry Mitchell's guest book 01.31.08 Lead US out of Iraq now Harry! no more $$$ for failed poicy of endless occuaption & let's get Out of IRAQ!!

Harry Mitchell's office Alexis Tameron is the new Chief of Staff
Gene Fischer recently retired(FYI)above

Maggie & Liz were marching for peace & out of Iraq today on Capitol Hill as we visited almost every representative for the good state of Arizona! We ran into Senator Jeff Bingaman who coincidentally is a relation to Miss Maggie.We spent a few minutes talking about the Energy Bil
and gave the Senator a few flyers & Peace Please sticker then we had to move on quickly because there was a full agenda of improtant days events synchronized.
We need more arizona folks to take part and remember Democracy needs our participation without people participation our stay at home & complain attitude does nothing to change the injustice and corporate Empire mentality

so get up and speak out act up do something everyday IT MATTERS your VOICE CAN MAKE A diferrence if you find and use it often

LIZ arizona the PEACE TEAM IN DC


Hecate said...

You go!

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