Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 11 2009 DC Close Gitmo-StopTorture policies

Jan 11 2009 Cold but clear day on the streets-

DC Says Stop the Torture Stop the Terror in our names!!

Hundreds of activists gathered at Dupont Circle in the name of justice to show support for the 7 years of rogue regime through torture,extraordinary rendition,black sites,and US policy that has promoted terror. There were about 70 people who donned orange jumpsuits to march the streets for a procession to mark our last year of Guantanamo.Before the march there was astreet theater skit that depicted an enactment of the various actors that perform the roles asssociated with interrogator and demonstrated how it takes many to terrorize -it takes 8 interrogators to guard one prisoner at Gitmo.
We have great hope that in the first 100 days of the new administration we can turn the page on these flawed policies that in fact render us all less safe.The next adminstration can free us all from the guilt of bad policy.The highest hope we have is to begin making right the last 8 years of totally tragic harmful evil policy. Speak up now to forever close these injustices in the future!Let US begin leading by exammple in 2009!!!!!We need to make certain Obama prioritizes the people mandate --it all starts with us!!! Denounce Torture Let's Close Gitmo forever!!

Liz reporting from DC


JimPreston said...

Great stuff!! Peace!!

uspatriot said...

look, this has nothing to do with whatever this video is about. i just want to say how disgusted i am with your group and your policies. that you have the gaul to stand up and blindly call the men and women that serve in uniform war criminals, murderers etc. is just mind boggling. I think that you should realize that you only have the freedom to express yourselves because of them and you should respect the sacrifices that they make for you. if you choose to take this down from your blog then you in fact are showing how hypocritical and bigoted you really are in denying an opinion contrary to your own. have a nice day, and thank a veteran for their service. Go out and meet one and you'll learn that they aren't bad people, and they really care about you. They are willing to go die for people who not only do not know them, but also, like you, harbor ill will to them. give these guys and gals a chance, and maybe you'll change the way you see the world. it isn't black and white. Everything the government does isn't bad. open your minds and be a little more receptive to conventional society.

wraft said...

Raftshol for Governor 2010

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