Friday, July 20, 2007

rnc action photos

The Pink Police were on the job, sealing off a crime scene at the RNC. The Republican National Committee headquarters heard the message of "Accomplices to war crimes! War criminals!" A cease and desist order was given to stop obstructing democracy. Our police force will continue to work this case.


JimPreston said...

Nice work!! I hope the crime scene has been secured and all of the shredders have been confiscated. You remember how those guys got away when we had them cornered at the White House a few weeks ago. Dangerous Fugitive Felons on the loose!! Mothers! Protect your Children!!

Anonymous said...

Get a job

Desiree said...

We HAVE jobs. We are teachers, social workers, librarians, physicians, nurses, diplomats, caterers, veterans, physical therapists, graphic artists,Hollywood prop people, filmmakers, university and high school students AND we are active citizens. WE ARE AMERICA. What & who are YOU?