Sunday, July 15, 2007

CODEPINK Confronts Senator Warner at Press Conference

CLICK HERE to watch the AP video on Yahoo News about the CODEPINK women who confronted Senator Warner outside ABC studios after his Sunday appearance on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos.


Eileen Coles said...

So let me get this straight. The soldiers in Iraq are there "to fight for our free speech", but once they come home and exercise that right THEMSELVES, they lose their honorable discharge status and military benefits? Yeah RIGHT.

caterliz said...

senator warner
uses the same old tired argument every tme confronted

real support is not putting them in harms way needlessly
Get our troops out of Iraq!!
support them upon return from combat
tell your friends to call Se. warner Be a leader!!

CODEPINK said...

Another "have to be here to believe it" video by Midge, and so happy that Medea, Gael and other Code Pinkers were on the spot on a Sunday morning to let Senator Warner know his propaganda line ain't going down without rebuttal!

Dissent is patriotic. It's also necessary right now.


Ryan from Richmond said...

I'm so embarrased that he is my state's Senior Senator. You would THINK that he could at least come up with a better argument than they are fighting for "our free speech." What a joke.

Well, at least we are having two peace actions in Richmond, VA this week. That might even be a record.


JimPreston said...

Nicely done, ladies!! I love you!!

Anonymous said...

He seems to be embarrassed, too. Wherever he's hiding his campaign funds, nobody can find them, so he probably is'nt running again. Considering the way he weaseled around on Habeas Corpus, I say good riddance.

PS - are you guys hooking up with Cindy's people next week?

Ryan from Richmond said...

We are hooking up with them on Saturday and Sunday and will be having a rally and march to the state capitol. On Sunday, we might be able to get some speaking time at First Unitarian Church.

Had a rally at city hall today with about thirty people. It was sponsored by Moveon. We handed out fliers/recruited for Saturday's rally.