Sunday, July 22, 2007

VIDEO BLOG: Weekly Protests at the Justice Department - CODEPINK Demands Resignation of Alberto Gonzales

Every monday and friday CODEPINK Women for Peace protest outside the U.S. Department of Justice demanding the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. This video shows two different days of CODEPINK's Justice Department demonstrations.


JimPreston said...

Nice job with the videos!! I'll be think of you all around noon tomorrow.

Barbara NH said...

Loved that last shot!! Keep up the good work, all.

Hope today goes well.

Mike said...

Right on Code Pink!! Thank you for representing the Majority of Americans!! I loved how that security person backed right off when 'We' stood up for our rights!!!!!! Keep up the great work. Mike Baldwin

JimPreston said...

Sorry to post an off-topic comment, but I just read about the action at John Conyers' office and the dailyKos diary about it. Over at DK, the discussion quickly devolved into questions of whether or not Cindy was allowed to promote her candidacy there, whether the income tax was progressive or not, and how Cindy should "lead the anti-war movement" instead of running against Speaker Pelosi. You really have to laugh about it, although it is pretty sad. Those guys spend hours nit-picking over each others comments and get all excited about Ned Lamont while the real heroines like Code Pink are stalking the halls of Congress, organizing international peace delegations, keeping up the Justice Dept. vigils, and everything else.
Anyway, I'm just rambling here, but I had to reach out to my sisters, because I miss them so much and I'm so proud of them.

caterliz said...

We the people stand for the rule of law NOT rogue state rollbacks!!

JOIN us each week
don't let the rogue regime scare you.........
if you become fear factored out
to the point of helplessness-- they have won !!!
STAND up for your children my friends
yesterday it was someone else being torture
tomorrow it's you and your family

Jessa said...

WAY TO SHOW UP, "Pink Ladies"!!!! (and Gentleman! :>D ) Thanks for representing for Mommas like me who can't be as outwardly political as we'd like to be anymore because we're at home raising future activists! Torture is not only immoral, unethical, and totally unconstitutional, but it's un-American! Keep on fighting the good fight. You make me proud to be an Americcan and a woman.

Sobha Janah said...

We -- Sobha, Sunil and Arjun--follow your actions avidly. When,oh when, will a civilised world ever be a reality? One day, before it is too late, one of us will turn up at your protest meetings. Meanwhile -- good luck in getting some sensible and sensitive people to stop this war and not cower to political bullying, and to military and business interests.

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