Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pink Police arrest Bush and Libby @ White House

George Bush-Soft on Crime - Scooter Libby Should be Doing Time

Laurie Meier
CODEPINK St.Louis - Local Coordinator - in DC

Today CODEPINK responded to an early morning call from retired Col. Anne Wright to mobilize in front of the White House to protest Bush's decision to commute Scooter Libby's sentence to only a measly $250,000 fine AND NO JAIL TIME! A car full of PINKs sported a Bush-devil costume and Libby-jail-jumpsuit costume Liz (AZ) and David (MD). The PINK police circled Bush and Libby with yellow disaster tape Medea (CA), Marie (CA), and Suzanne (AK), while other PINKs had the bull horns Deseree (TX) and Laurie (MO) chanting the following:

George Bush is soft on crime
Scooter Libby should be doing time


For he's a jolly good felon
For he's a jolly good felon
For he's a jolly good feloooooooooooooon
-AND he should go to jail

And he should go to jail
And he should go to jail
For he's a jolly good felon
And he should go to jail

Arvind (TX), Midge (MO), Janet (CA, and Tara (VA) helped document the moment. "Filming street theater dramatics helps the people realize the lack of justice from our leaders who are supposed to be serving America" says Midge (MO). There were also loads of media and tourists capturing and some participating in the action. Some media-personnel located inside the gate on the lawn of the White House waiting for Tony Snow to hold a Press Conference said they definitely could hear our bull-horned chants.

After the press died down CODEPINK Marie (CA) and Laurie (MO) went to go get the car and needed to wait on the side of the road as the other PINKs were finishing up. Marie and Laurie, then, noticed a motorcade approaching- fast, and the busy DC street cleared. Laurie put her PINK police cap on and both gals jumped out of the car and made a halting motion with peace fingers in front of the motorcade. One of the black SUVs intimidatingly swerved toward them and sped away.

Todays CODEPINK action was a follow-up to a CODEPINK action outside the federal courthouse in DC where the court handed down their decision on Libby.

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