Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boxer's passion in the gallery inspires us!

By: Lindsey Goldberg

Earlier this afternoon a group of us went to the Senate gallery to sit in and observe our Senators in action. We walked in on McCain mumbling and reading a script sharing with the nation why we need to maintain our numbers in Iraq, because, "if we pull out, there will be a disaster." I'm sorry, but the situation is pretty disastrous as it stands. A few Senators followed McCain, some both angered and confused us, others were well thought out, though delivered without much enthusiasm. The situation in Iraq is dire and I feel that this issue deserves thought-out, competent, well-researched, dynamic attention. Senator Boxer of California rose the bar when she came up to speak her mind. She truly embodies the ideal politician for the people. Using her voice, she expressed the need for a change of course, a new mission and a withdrawal of the troops in Iraq. Using concrete facts, detailed evidence and personal experience with families of victims of the unjust war, Boxer had us all captivated, some of us in tears. I listened attentively and in awe of this politician who is a living example of hope within this political machine. I feel both honored and privileged to be from California and to have Boxer representing me, she is a role model and a someone to be reckoned with - I respect her unwavering strength! As her speech came to a close we echoed with clapping and a few cheers, an intrinsic human reaction to respond to something that moves us; though it was not received well by the Senate police...On the way out of the Hart building, two other CODE PINKers and I went into Boxer's office to leave a note of gratitude to pass on the fact of how moved we were by her strength and passion in gallery, she walked in!!! She received us so well, with genuine appreciation of our enthusiastic support. It felt so gratifying to tell her in person how moved we were! For those of you in California, take my word for it...we are being represented by the right person!

being in D.C. the political process on so many levels has come alive for me...I am learning so much, I feel really blessed to be here!


JimPreston said...

Excellent job getting a quick post out about your experience today!! I was getting pretty excited myself just being around you all on your first big day in the halls. It was sharp to get the high points into a quick post instead of waiting a week to write great literature about it. Just think, you saved all the stuff about how cool Liz and Des were for your "later works"!!

Down in the tunnels today, Code Pink received very warm smiles from many, many senators. I think you ladies picked a good week to come to DC!!

January Joy said...

Boxer made me proud too, and I'm not even from California. I agree completely with what you said about McCain and of course the war. Our representatives and senators NEED to start representing us.
I'm so glad you are here you bring a beautiful radiance to the code pink house and family.