Sunday, July 29, 2007

CODEPINK Witnesses Police Detaining Muslim Family @ White House Sat 7/28/07

Codepinkers were out at the White House on Saturday mingling with the diverse crowds
to get a pulse from the people regarding the upcoming presidential debates.We filmed a dozen
people as a way to involve the public in the process.

We witnessed a Muslim family walking around in Lafayette park like so many tourists
do each day in Washington D.C. and suddenly several branches of the police force were
taking notice of a Muslim woman in full attire.

The bicycle police surrounded this family for over 35 minutes while a family spokesperson
showed I.D. seemed to be a waste of time but clearly a fear based policy.
It sure put me on alert watching the police overreact!


JimPreston said...

Really makes 'Pink Profiling' seem like a walk in the park, eh?

my space for peace said...

So sad.
Sad that our police are doing it.
Sad that this family had to go through that.
Sad that Fox news or any others will NEVER show this!

Yeah for CODEPINK News!!!!!
Keep spreading the TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

We need to support our police and military for attempting to keep our country safe!! If I'm stopped in the streets in front of the White House for my blond hair and blues eyes.... so be it!! I have nothing to hide!! You call this the truth??? I call it crazy!!