Friday, July 25, 2008

Long Lines few public seats in Conyers Hearing room

Witness list Bruce Fine Constitutional Lawyer
Liz Hotzman Former NY Senator
Bob Barr- Presidential Candidate
Rocky Anderson-Former Mayor Salt Lake City 2000-2008
and others
Concerned citizens stood on the streets outside the House office buildings starting at 6am this morning to eagerly participate in the Bush Presidency & Consitutional limitations Hearing in the Judiciary.This is a first step toward urgent impeachment hearings.We Thank the Chairman but let's get on track with implementing REAL IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS so we as a people can make certain NO ONE WILL EVER be as criminal as W BUSH!NO ONE
It was a miscarriage of our Justice & a discredit to the people, our democracy, our rights,and our efforts to participate in our government as the conscience of the US...........
that the Chariman didn't notice the loud & unhappy members of the public in the halls.
There were only 16 seats for public participation.We stood for hours on line while staffers came in and out frequently of the hearing room.
Oh Mister Conyers why were only 16 people allowed to attend a public hearing
that was so popular & well attended that it demanded extra seating or fewer staffers in the main room to allow more participation from the majority of the US?


Z said...

Listening to the hearings at work I could hear that some folks were being forcibly removed from the room. I knew some of them were my Code PINK sisters. The photos posted showed someone(s) on the floor surrounded by police. Was anyone hurt? Arrested? We already know their rights had been violated. Too bad Cincy Sheehan wasn't asked to testify!

caterliz said...

The public seating was limited!
There was a man who asked why he had to stand against the wall next i looked 5 police surrounding him 4 Cap hill police were on top of him soon after they brought him to the ground!