Saturday, July 19, 2008

07.19.08 NOW Conference

Retired Col.Ann Wright put together a panel for the annual Now Conference on Sexual Assault of Women in the Military.Des & Liz were there early to reach out and get as many NOW women into that room to listen to these important stories as possible!!!!!!!!!!It helps the victims and family members to tell the story is therapy!Sharing is part of the healing process.
The turnout was pretty good.Everyone stayed the entire panel discussion.
The public needs to hear these stories of military families to begin to right these wrongs!Sexual assault is common in the military.Men think of women as bitches hoes or dykes? (Disgusting)

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Anonymous said...

Not all men think of women as "ho's", "bitches" and "dykes". I served over 8 years in the military and worked for, with, and supervised many fine men in uniform. You claim to be for the troops, but only show our military disrespect and distain. Yes, there is sexual assault in the military, but have you noticed it also happens in the civilian world?