Monday, July 7, 2008

Gandhi Peace Brigade / Peace with Iran Tour

Dear Friends,

Leslie and I are back in California and we've started our speaking tour to promote peace with Iran. Our presentation includes a talk on why we went to Iran, what we experienced while we were there, our five months of activism at the DC CodePink House after our return, and more. Video pieces are included in the presentation.

We will also be talking about Congressman Ackerman's proposal for a naval blockade of Iran - House Resolution 362 Ackerman told Leslie and Miles for Peace (Iranian bicyclists) last year that he'd love to go to Iran and get on a bicycle to promote peace. You can't help but wonder what this administration (or AIPAC) has promised him in exchange for his new position. He has switched from being a champion for peace and justice to being an advocate for war.

Call Congressman Ackerman (202-225-2601) and urge him to withdraw the resolution and promote diplomacy, not war.

Ask your Congressperson to Oppose H. Con. Res. 362 here or call her or him today (202-224-3121).

We'll also be focusing on Nancy Pelosi. Late last year Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, along with Reid, Rockefeller, Reyes and their Republican counterparts, authorized $400 million to finance covert operations in Iran to destabilize the country's religious leadership and gather intelligence about its suspected nuclear-weapons program Earlier in the year Pelosi removed a section of a bill passed by Congress which would have barred the U.S. from going to war with Iran without a congressional vote, claiming she did so at the behest of the leadership of Israel and AIPAC. Nancy Pelosi is also responsible for keeping impeachment "off the table". Vice President Cheney is the driving force for a war with Iran and impeachment hearings could possibly deter him.

U. S. mayors are speaking out to try to stop a war with Iran Thanks to a grassroots campaign initiated by CODEPINK, Global Exchange and Cities for Peace, 32 mayors have signed onto a National Mayors Resolution for Diplomacy with Iran. The resolution urges the Bush Administration to pursue diplomatic engagement with Iran and calls on Congress to prohibit the use of funds to carry out any military action against Iran without Congressional authorization. Please ask your mayor to join the campaign. To see the full resolution, a sample letter to your mayor and your mayor's contact information, go here.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 8) come join us from 3 - 5 pm to protest Res. 362, Congress' proposed naval blockade of Iran, at the Federal Building in San Francisco

Sunday, July 13, join CODEPINK for the monthly Golden Gate Bridge Walk at noon. This month's theme: Peace with Iran! Bring your banners!!

Leslie and I will be available during the month of July and August to give our Journey for Peace with Iran presentation. Please reply to this email or call 415-608-9240 to make arrangements for a visit. We would appreciate the opportunity to give our presentation to your organization, your place of worship, your school, or your friends at a House Party. Our availability is limited, so please get in touch as soon as you can.

Peace and Freedom,

Jes & Leslie

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Jes & Leslie
... A Journey for Peace and Freedom:

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