Monday, July 7, 2008

Lobbying for Peace NO WAR IN IRAN

CODEPINKers hit the Senate office buildings in the morning with informational handouts
regarding SRes 580! We all share overwhelming concern for our local communities and the effects of wars on our individual terms.We have teachers that share the sad stories of no MONEY for Books! We have mothers that have incurred personal financial loss to join CODEPINK to make the VOICE OF Peace heard i the Halls of Congress.
In the afternoon other activists joined us on the house side to educate the staffers on the detriment of another war!It was a long day with some great moments and then there were some hostile staffers with a narrow view of comprehension...all & all it was a learning experience that will enable our citizen lobbyists to improve the needed skills to continue to the PEACE work!!


Anonymous said...

Why do you think your freedom of speech trumps MY freedom of speech and others freedom of speech. You want to change policy then fine, have rallies better yet, vote, and run for office. Your shouting down people is just stomping on the Constitution and makes me for one totally against you.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, you have to cut these people some slack. they obviously couldn't get a man, and hence they live in an alternate reality. they think if we all just sing kumbaya the world will be full of flowers and rainbows. but on the subject of teachers, if you would get away from the unions (who only allow pay raises for tenure instead of actual quality work) then we could pay deserving teachers what they deserve

JimPreston said...

Hey whosemonkey,

You're first statement is false. They've got a man!! (more than one, in fact)
As far as rainbows and flowers go, I don't need to sing 'kumbaya' to make then appear, they already exist!! Rub the hatred out of your eyes and you will be able to see them. 'Consider the lilies of the field', and all that :)

You want merit pay for teachers? How about merit pay for presidents? Maybe you can get little George to give back the trillions he has wasted on war to fund your teachers if you want to help so much.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has freedom of speech, This is why I say what do you know about whats going on over there besides what you see on TV. Nothing!!! Ignorance is bliss. The reason you have that right is because of soldiers, and yeah soldiers have died but so have people driving on the road every day you going to protest driving? Ive been there and we do need to be there. Find a soldier somewhere and ask them. Dont trust the news, and remeber our soldiers watch you guys protest them to!

Anonymous said...

How many people has Iran executed and tortured for dissent? What rights do women, gays and ethnic/religious minorities have in this charming nation you so desperately prefer to your own?

Wow you are not Intelligent said...

Well if you spent more time at your job then maybe just maybe you would have more money for books. I can’t be leave you think that the country can be tricked into thinking you all are right. This country was founded on risks, war, and injustices. Have you all even read the constitution? We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. We spend money on war and war technology because if you go outside the Great United States they aren’t too peaceful and they have guns so you we could by you books but when the invaders come what will you do throw books at them hahahah you would get murdered without the army air force and navy so can you just stop trying to spread your love the world crap because if you haven’t noticed Iran don’t love you or the world.

Anonymous said...

Enshrine Bush! Notice, against all odds, no attack on the US since 9/11 largely because Bush was committed to making tough choices to bring the fight to the terrorists. Bush successfully restructured the intelligence agencies to make them share data on terrorism. No terrorist attacks in Europe since 2004. Also, the govt. of Afghanistan no longer harbors terrorists. The surge in Iraq worked and Hussein and his sons are no longer running the country, or living for that matter. Al Qaeda in Iraq is nearly totally decimated. And, Al Qaeda in Indonesia and the Philippines is severely degraded. Sounds like a pretty good record to me. Tell me, how could you have done it better? ENSHRINE BUSH!

Chelsie said...

We look good. Good work ladies! I love you all. I love how we make peace closer everyday!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you pinko commies move to Iran? Just get the hell out of my United States of America!!

garrett said...

first of all, i think code pink is TOTALLY INSANE.
you havent been deployed to the middle east and you are talking like you know all of the information.
first of all i want to say this, why do you call our military " war criminals" or " mass killers" or whatever when on the day of September 11, 2001 THOUSANDS of OUR INNOCENT CIVILIANS were killed. DONT YOU THINK THE PEOPLE OVER THERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST ARE THE SAME????????
why do u side with another country, who absolutely hates our guts because they envy the way we live. you are not true Americans!

you think its okay for them to kill THOUSANDS of our people and sometimes even their people, but when WE, THE AMERICANS, try to go over there and find out WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON, you claim that its wrong. how can you do that????
its like if i came into your house and killed one of your family members( im using it as an example , no threat) wouldnt you want some answers and find the people or person that did that??
thats the same thing we are doing. so FUCK CODE PINK because if it wasnt for the military you wouldnt have your right of free speech. try going to another country and see if you can stand on the street while protesting and see if you dont get shot at or even killed.
take that into consideration.

And if you think Bush is so bad, why dont one of you CODE PINK STINKIES run for president because apparently you have better plans, but i bet ou wont because you are just as scared and just as lost and bush. i personally think Bush is a damn good man, but when you yell at him and call him names and do anything negative, how do you expect him to operate??


i stand up for every veteran and active duty service member. most of my family is in the military and i willl enlist once i am of age. so respect them because you wouldnt be doing the things you are doing if it wasnt for them. FUCK CODE PINK once again. GRANNY HIPPIES...

garrett said...

oh and by the way, iran has capabilities to produce Nuclear Weapons. And you probably already know they dont like us very much. how can you tell us to leave them aone? its like giving someone a weapon who hates you and WANTS to kill you. you are stupid. i cant believe you are still living in the country. go to russia since you think communism aint that bad, or better yet, IRAQ OR IRAN. bet youd totally like it there.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Jennifer Teguia who is a 9th grade english teacher at JFK High School is Freemont, CA who called John McCain a war criminal?

She must really be the cream of the intellectual crop among the teachers at JFK High School, NOT!

Anonymous said...

Here are the lovely words of Jennifer Teguia who is a 9th grade English teacher at JFK High School in Freemont, CA.

"This morning I attempted to watch McCain give a speech at the LULAC convention at the Hilton.

I had a press pass to get in but not 5 minutes later was removed by Secret Service agents. The LULAC representative told me that even if I was registered he would not let me in and would not give me any reason. I got the impression that he really wanted me to be able to stay but that the Secret Service told him to have me leave.

I exited the property with no fuss and was followed out by 2-4 Secret Service agents. I was not raising a ruckus or resisting at ALL. I simply walked myself off.

A block and a half later on public sidewalk one of the agents walked up to me unannounced and totally spooked me by being so close to me and put a camera in my face and without permission took my photo.

I then later went back to the area of the Hilton and (staying across the street on public sidewalk) spoke to the press and private people. I told them that I am a teacher and came all the way across the country at my own expense for a month to try to get our nation's financial and moral priorities back on track.

I spoke about not having money for books but trillions for war. Most I spoke to very moved by my story and shared my deep worry about a new war with Iran.

The Secret Service agent showed up again and followed me around a bit. I asked him for his badge number. He refused to give it to me.

I repeatedly asked him, "Sir, what is your badge number?" and he either said, "I am doing a job" or refused to answer.

I asked him his last name and he refused.

I have posted the photo of this man so you can see the image of a man who is in violation of his duties - he removed me without cause, followed me on public property on two seperate occassions and refused to identify himself (which makes me strongly suspect he was not doing what he was supposed to do and feared me reporting him).

McCain was whisked inside so I didn't even get to take his photo or see him at all.

That war criminal knows how to be seen when it works to his benefit and not seen when it doesn't, let me tell you."

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jennifer Teguia, are you still posing as a journalist to get into events where the Secret Service is in charge of security?

Anonymous said...

I saw where the police threw you out of a Congressional hearing for being dressed inappropriately. Why didn't you just show them your phony press pass and tell them you were entitled to be there? You must have been too busy calling John McCain a war criminal.

Rob Dean said...

Fuck Code Pink
you are all a bunch of stupid pices of shit who don't love america and don't deserve to live in my counrty

LaFajita said...

Here's your problem, anonymous:

There is no board certification requirement to be a journalist. There are college degrees offered in Journalism, and they might help you land your first gig, but all you need to be a journalist is a pencil, a notepad, and desire. Anybody can do this.

Likewise press passes. As long as any organization is willing say "This is a valid press pass", it's a valid press pass. It doesn't matter if she got it from AP, UPI, Al-Jazeera, or the bargain bin at Shopmart. Did I mention anybody can do this? It's up to the people who are running the event to either accept or reject her credentials as a reporter. They rejected hers and she did as she was told and left. No harm, no foul. Then one of Grumpy's flunkies struck a pose as an SS agent and started stalking her. Remember that the man produced no identification, so he could be anybody. The more you folks jump up and down on this the more I'm convinced he was one of yours. The photograph she took indicates this was taken in an outdoor setting, so your friend had as much right to privacy as she did, which wasn't much. They both had the right to be upset, however. They both also had the right to color TV, but that's another conversation. There's a grifter out in Denver who misrepresented himself to a librarian last week and believe me, he's wishing he hadn't done that.

Anonymous said...

Okay, well Let us assume you are correct. Please point to me one news article she wrote? Also, please name a legitimate journalist who calls John McCain a "War Criminal" as did Jennifer Teguia. Also, is it your position that Global Exchange is a media outlet? How do you reconcile that with the fact that is listed as an advocacy group.

Anonymous said...

Under your logic, I could be the president of the United States if I wanted to by just wearing a nice suit and claiming to be the president. Its simply up to everyone whether or not to recognize me. That is the insane logic of Code Pink. Also, note that she was not terribly proud of her actions to keep her blog entry up.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Teguia is just another ignorant young lady that is stupid enough to let herself be used by Code Pink. Just another fresh face for you to use to spew the same old recycled garbage that you shout upon deaf ears daily. Well, I guess her calling John McCain a war criminal is new for Jennifer Teguia. By the way, notice how proud she is of her actions that she is not willing to defend them herself. Like you, she is just an idiot to let herself be USED and put her own credibility on the line for the stupid stunts you encourage her to do and the dumb statements she makes.

Anonymous said...

Well, I notice that you deleted her post and her picture. If her actions were so great, why were you not proud enough to leave them up along with the agent's photo. Cat got your tongue? Why is Jennifer Teguia not proud enough to defend herself. Maybe because her actions are indefensible.

Anonymous said...

"McCain was whisked inside so I didn't even get to take his photo or see him at all.

That war criminal knows how to be seen when it works to his benefit and not seen when it doesn't, let me tell you."


Notice Teguia does not even have the courage to defend her own stupid statement. And, this really sound like a great journalistic observation to me. Its embarressing that one of Freemont's teachers would even say such a thing.

Anonymous said...

by the way, did you know that the leader of the Northern Alliance was assassinated by someone posing as a journalist? Guess under your logic, anyone is a journalist even an assassin.

I don't fee sorry for Jennifer Teguia. She put the issue out there herself. No one wrote her stupid blog post for her.

Also, she, along with others, are so stupid to allow themselves to be used as props for Code Pink's propaganda. Why don't you tell these young people the truth about how Code Pink is USING them?

LaFajita said...

First, we need to address a few non sequiturs:

Yes, Global Exchange is an advocacy group, but it doesn't need to be a media outlet to issue press passes to people who want to gather and disseminate information and perform the role of journalists. The loosey-goosey nature of journalism has to do with that pesky ol' 1st Amendment. Jeff Gannon pretty much proved this for all time.

Provincial hick that I am, this is the first article of hers I've seen, but considering the way she got you lot stirred up, I'd say she has a bright future in the biz. Frightened eyeballs, angry eyeballs, in the end it's all Money.

You could claim to be the president, but we're back to that board certification thang; in this instance there is an age requirement, a citizenship requirement, and elections with voting and stuff, although Gerald Ford kind of put the lie to that last part. Later, GW Bush proved that all he ever needed was his pals on the Supreme Court.

Our intrepid reporter didn't have to accuse Grumpy of being a war criminal because he is a self-confessed war criminal!

Ya know, I used to think that all I needed to do to set myself up in a sweet little racket with a lot of job security was to hand myself the assignment of looking for a bully or a serial killer who didn't feel perfectly justified in everything he did. Then along comes Grumpy, who - bless his heart! - spills the beans on himself in 1996. He also did it earlier, but I'll grant he was probably singing for his supper, as it were. We really don't know much about his stay in that patch of heaven known as the Hanoi Hilton. The records are sealed. There are some ugly rumors about mad favoritism, drug-fueled sex romps, and treason to curl your hair, but Jennifer did not have access to Grumpy's records (nobody does), so she had to go with Grumpy's own words. Anyway, now I'm out of a job. Dang!

Code Pink rolled up the Welcome mat because youse guys were starting to repeat yourselves, like you are repeating yourselves on this blog, but don't tell me this wasn't fun! Later-

Much later --

Anonymous said...

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