Friday, July 4, 2008

IMPEACH FOR PEACE uphold the Constitution

CODEPINK National Peace team Des, Lori, Gael,Tiger and Liz took a several hour drive to be support for the locals in Charlottesville Virginia on July 4th for the naturalization ceremony at the home of Thomas Jefferson in Monticello.George W Bush was the keynote speaker and the plan was to disrupt the moment Bush mentioned the Constitution.IMPEACHMENT is PAtriotic Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.....War Criminal!!It was amazing to get inside and speak out 8 times as these events as the security tightly screens for pro war Bush followers.
We all secured entry inside one after another we disrupted with various messages IMPEACHMENT being the most audible!
There were over 200 hundred local peace activists on the side of the road for 6-7 hours in the sun just singing chanting and diligent to get the point of failed leadership is hurting US!
Call Nancy Pelosi we want impeachment hearings 202.225.3121


Anonymous said...

You people make me sick, some of you have said and done things that make people sick and angry, I really dont think that you understand the world today, I have 2 sons in Iraq as I send this and they both are proud of what they have done and are doing, as well as the Iraq people the are helping

JimPreston said...

Sorry I couldn't be down there with you all, but I sure am glad that you made it. Too bad about anonymous, I know it is very hard for the family members of the troops to accept the folly of the mission that their children have been sent on. I hope her sons come home alive and intact, and that she can learn to respect the fact that some of us are called to seek and create peace in this world. It might be a hard job, but it can still be fun.

Ashley said...

I am so happy to confirm my beliefs that anyone disrespectful and stupid enough to disrupt the NATURALIZATION of brand new citizens was not from around here. There were 3000 shocked people when morons kept standing up to screech when president Bush was welcoming new citizens. There is no better way to have someone turn against your cause then to act like an idiot and disrupt the most important event of 76 people and their family's lives. I respect and appreciate all those who chose to stand on Bush's motorcade route rather than make fools of themselves. I proudy cheered when the man dressed in the red and blue jacket with the tall hat was yanked from his chair by a retired marine and police officer. I only wish he would have had some sense knocked into him! Congratulations on turning 90% of those there against your cause by choosing an inappropriate method of getting attention. And to anonymous-thank you for your and your son's service! There are far more of us who support you than those who don't. The ones who don't are just unfortunately much louder and more obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on looking stupid and hurting new citizens. That is surely a way to make people unhappy. A couple local papers have published quotes from the new citizens stating they were upset by the protesters disrupting the event. Bush clearly wasn't shaken, but you hurt the people we were there to celebrate. You are NOT welcome in our town.

LaFajita said...

- In Memory of Zhu Xiao Ming -
Zhu Xiao Ming was a little Chinese lady who wanted be an American. I met her a few months after the Chinese government had literally crushed their protests in Tiananmen Square, and elsewhere.

She wanted to be an American so badly she married me, so you can well imagine her desperation.

She wanted to be an American so badly that after she became a naturalized citizen, she stuck with me, so you can well imagine my gratitude. Please note that the naturalization ceremony she attended featured no hecklers; on the other hand, she wasn't harangued by an evil rodeo clown, either.

She wanted to be an American so badly she died on the Fourth of July - how about that?

She died in my arms on 4 July 2001, three years before 9/11. She never had to see what Bush and his gang have done to her dream.

Heartfelt thanks to Code Pink, et al, for showing our new friends how free Americans conduct themselves in the presence of a man who would be a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

Service members and combat veterans have done more for peace than all the legions of agitprop nitwits, many times over. The American Soldier has provided the freedom to act like children and enact their right to freedom of idiotic speech. The irony is not lost, thankfully.

Julia said...

Sorry I couldn't be down there with you all, but I sure am glad that you made it. Anyways it was a nice read & knowledgeable too.