Friday, July 18, 2008

Baker's Story continued


all our love,

Heather & kids

(Continued from blog I wrote about "Bakers: Why we're Here and What It's Like"by one of the kids- I left off with describing the Feith hearing) The police had told us however, to wear our shirts inside out, take off our code pink hats, no interruptions during the hearing, plus no signs or banners. Freedom of speech! Hissss… 'Kay, that was off topic. Back on topic, the hearing, in the end, was pretty much not in favor of Feith. It was funny because after the hearing, when Feith came out of the courtroom, we code-pinkers chased after him with signs. Almost everyone, even the police, found it funny as Feith was chased after signs calling him a war criminal and that he should be arrested. Feith said nothing, while taxi drivers ignored him, of course with people and signs behind him calling him a war criminal. I think there were a few reasons
why the four empty taxis ignored him, but I think you can picture at least three reasons why. Anyway, it was very fun. We also spent most of our day going to congress men asking them not to sign the 362 resolution, the entire time we were there practically.
The next day, we went to a hearing in the morning about how detainees under United States custody were treated, based on/charged by terrorist activity. It basically revolved around Guantanamo Bay, on how it is totally illegal because of the tortures they do there, and constant interrogations. I researched a whole lot on the topic, and I found that according to the "L.A. Times," it stated that out of the 59 detainees (at that time, now they have around 130 or less) only 2 knew how to spell "Al Qaeda." Hem Hem… So, as I explained before, we asked more congressmen why they had signed the act. So far, we have only 1 congress men/women who has changed their mind and taken their name off the list. Some have not signed the 362 resolution at all, and are not thinking of signing it, but we still have a few others who need a change of heart on the matter.
In the end, I had so much fun, while getting to learn a whole lot about how our government works. I also got to meet Congressman Conyers, who was very nice, and we (my family) got to interview him about a few things that we learned in these past four days.=2
0For people who are thinking of going to go to code pink, GO NOW! The people there are really nice, and it's good for families with kids who are around middle school age, probably from possibly fourth grade to any age, but if you feel that your eight year old can survive an hour, maybe two, long of hearing, it's okay, because I didn't survive either. BUT they allow you to go out if your kid is having trouble sitting still, which happened to me, and I'm thirteen, but I cannot sit still listening to people debate. It's a bad flaw of mine.
Many people there have very interesting stories to tell about how they got to code pink. I had a great time, and I believe code pink is fighting for a good cause, PEACE DUDE!


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