Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sexual Assault in the Military Bulletpoints

Notes from today's House Oversight and Government Reform hearing titled, Sexual Assault in the Military:

  • Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY), "I don't ever want to any women to ever again have to salute the man that raped her."
  • Congresswoman Harman (CA), "Women in today's military are more likely to be raped than killed on the battlefield."
  • Congressman Shays (CT), "The DOD has no credibility, absolutely none."
  • Witness Ingrid Torres of the U.S. Red Cross was told by DOD psychologist, "Stop acting like a baby!"
  • Mother of Maria Lauterbach explaining how her impregnated daughter's perpetrator stalked and killed her, " No one even bothered to drive by his house."

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