Thursday, July 24, 2008

07.24.08 Evan Bayh's Office Re 580

CODEPINK Peace Lobbyists Gael, Des, Jenifer,Liz,Lisa,Devon,
Kim,Natalie,Marjon,Azita,Hashem,Pete,Fatemah,Florian and others secure an appointment with Todd Rosenblum Senator Bayh's Office to discuss our concerns regarding Sres 580.Thjis is the Iran Sanctions resolution sitting in the foreign relations committee .......
We were given ample time to make our points & resonate our fears using facts and our well researched refutations! Todd Rosenblum engaged our concerns on the matter of sanctions without Diplomacy is fruitless- for over an hour patiently.We felt it was the beginning of a necessary negotiation to expose the staffers to the deeper understanding that the usual target of sanctions are the most vulnerable in society children women the poor people.

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