Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Congressman Ackerman Wakes Up to Pink Peace Flotilla

Sing-along to the tune of the Candy Man:
Ackerman can,
The Ackerman can,
The Ackerman can call for talks with Iran and make the world feel good!

Today’s action at Ackerman’s houseboat was a TERRIFIC action and a great example of CODEPINK magic. We put this together in two days and pulled it off beautifully. Here a link to the piece in Newsday (Ackerman’s home paper--,0,6993692.story). It will be on Fox News tonight, Press TV is doing a special feature for Iran (they have one hour of fabulous footage that they will give us when they are done). Also look out for a mention (and some footage) on Democracy Now tomorrow!!! We really wowed Ackerman with our creativity, and he spent over 1/2 hour talking very seriously to us. He is on the defensive now, and we might be able to push him enough to make the resolution less aggressive or better yet—scrap it! Even if we don’t get it changed, we are having an impact on the debate (as we saw in the hearing this morning, when Ackerman explicitly reiterated that he was NOT calling for a naval blockade or any act of aggression).

EVERYONE on the team here was terrific. Imagine a group of CODEPINKers getting up and OUT OF THE HOUSE before 6am!Key to the action was Tighe, worked NONSTOP and was so creative! He had a vision about this and made it happen. He rounded up canoes and kayaks all over DC, rigged up the structures for banners, got everything into place the night before, and coordinated his “flotilla” team flawlessly. We definitely could not have pulled this off without Tighe, and just hope he gets some sleep!!! Our new media maven Jean did a terrific job writing press releases, post-action releases and liaising with press. I heard her on the phone at 5am calling TV stations. And I think in one day she has put our press list in better shape than ever. Yeah Jean! Desiree was a great sleuth, scoping out Ackerman houseboat, car, restaurant where he was dining. She coordinated the land team, setting up a blockade outside the gate to the dock, turning the dock pink in about 5 minutes, and in what has now become the Desiree-way, RAN onto the private part of the gated pier as soon as someone exited, scrambling right up to Ackerman’s houseboat. Liz helped out with every task from getting canoes to making costumes and painting life vests pink to being our stellar videographer! VERY versatile, energetic, and a GREAT team player, Lizzie.Gael was a masterful kayaker and flotilla mistress—we found yet another skill she has and put it to good use! I should add that Gael also ran off right after the action to do a live FOXNEWS on the Bush July 4 action, then ran over to the congressional hearing, all the while taking care of a sick family member! Alicia and her team at the house did a beautiful job on the signs, and before the action ran all over congress giving out our letter against the resolution to the entire foreign affairs committee! Then we had the amazing non-staff folks-- our wonderful Iranian voice from Manijeh, who spoke beautifully to Ackerman about the consequences in Iran; James who actually camped out outside the marina to make sure we didn’t lose Ackerman this morning (and has written us fabulous talking points about Ackerman’s resolution); Jim Preston who jumped in to do everything from lending his RV and boat and buying the life vests so we’d be “legal” to being our photographer; Toby and Keisha and Natalie and Jen and Chelsie and Janine—who lent a smile and helping hand to every pink task.It was great to get the CODEPINK peace flotilla on the “high seas” of the Potomac!


Eileen Coles said...

Arrrrrrrr, matey!!!

We've got your back on Long Island!

Paul said...

I'd love to see how fast the Code Pink clan would change their tune if Iran aimed one of their missiles at them. Code Pink is what happens when soccer moms, who mooch off their husbands earnings & have way too much time on their hands, lose touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with this organization? Do they have any knowledge of world politics? Do they have any knowledge of what they are protesting? Do you people even know what a sanction is? Code Pink emphasizes the decline of America.

Liz said...

Rep. Ackerman's July 9th assurances to his Code Pink houseboat visitors are both silly and outrageous. Ackerman's stated willingness to meet with any Iranian government official without preconditions, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is an usurpation of the President's executive powers under Article 2 of the Constitution. No one elected Mr. Ackerman President, however much he may think of himself. Rep. Ackerman's proposed meeting would also violate the Logan Act. Moreover, the Iranian government is in such a disarray that it is difficult to even know who speaks for it at this time. Hopefully, in November, Mr. Ackerman will be replaced by someone with a clearer view of the law of the land and the practical aspects of negotiations.

Liz Berney, Esq.
Republican candidate for the 5th Congressional District of New York (Rep. Ackerman's opponent)

Dave said...

And of course we see CodePINK in the very same boats they would equip the US Navy if they were in charge.

If you think about it, shouldn't these ladies of CodePINK be placing their boats at a harbor in Iran to place themselves in the way of "American Aggression"?

Anonymous said...

Don't you have any idea about how Iran treats women, gays and dissenters? Your lack of concern about their motives is astonishing and sad.

BTW, your silly pink clothing makes you look ridiculous, so keep it up because it matches your idiotic message.

Marie's Two Cents said...

I know one thing,

Since we have won the war in Iraq, and I will be at several Troop returning Services throughout the entire Country.

If I see ANY Of You Moonbats even thinking about spitting on one of our Troops YOU WILL PAY, POSSIBLY WITH YOUR LIFE!! AND I'M NOT ALONE!

And You never know where I will be :->

Marie's Two Cents said...


WakeUpAmerica! said...

You code Pinkers should really change to the Code Yellow Yellers; yellow for your cowardice to stand against evil aggression and for the colorof your pants when you pi$$ down your legs when you try to do these same silly protests in Iran and they throw you in some dugeon for 10 or 15 years. You are not only wrong in thinking you can talk to the "nice gentleman" from Iran, but more importantly you are SILLY!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Code Pink, just a bunch of aging hippie weirdos and ignorant college students who offer lots of criticism, but no solutions. It is one thing to complain ladies, but another to lead. Bush led, terrorists dead!

Anonymous said...

Do you notice that Iraq is not really in the news much anymore? HMMMM, I wonder why that is? Uh, maybe because things are going really well there and the surge is working!

I say ENSHRINE BUSH for winning the war on terror!

Anonymous said...

Congressman Ackerman is not all that smart. All people like him do is give these loons credibility that they do not deserve when he hugs Medea Benjamin who recently said that no one who served in Vietnam should be considered a hero. And, she worships the ground Hugo Chavez walks on in spite of his support of the violent group FARC.

Code Pink's stance on Iran is interesting because they claim to be so antiwar, but yet they do not want to use sanctions as a diplomatic tool. So, please, tell us your major plan to minimize the very real threat Iran poses to the US and Israel. Oh, I forgot, you only criticize and have no plans.


Anonymous said...

The news coming out of Iraq keeps improving, and Americans should feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done as a result. Car and truck bomb attacks in Iraq have fallen to their lowest level in four years. Meanwhile, even with the withdrawal of 25 percent of U.S. combat troops from Iraq, security continues to improve.

The decline in truck bomb attacks, along with a similar drop in roadside bomb blasts, can be attributed to a number of factors. Let's give a great deal of credit, however, to Iraqi security forces, which have really stepped up their game. For example, they seized munitions — hundreds of pounds of homemade explosives — before they could be used against U.S. troops.

As for the average number of weekly attacks in Iraq, those have dropped by 80 percent since June 2007.

Clearly, the troop surge so derided by U.S. critics of the war has been effective. After the U.S. troop level increased from 130,000 to 160,000 — five combat brigades — a drop in violence resulted. Four of those five brigades have now left. When the last is gone, about 140,000 U.S. troops will remain.

Those war critics who said the surge would never work ought to stand up and admit they were wrong. The surge had its desired effect, and U.S. troops and Iraqis are safer because of it.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Medea has been rubbing O'Reilly's back with a pink luftah.

Eileen Coles said...

I see someone let the kiddies out of neonazi day camp again.



Anonymous said...

This is the same Code Pink who's leader said no one who served in Vietnam is a hero. Pretty scary to have representatives posing for photos with these loons. Oh did ya see the news that Murtha said the troop surge is a success?

Margie said...

I'm actually at a loss for words to describe my complete & total disdain & disgust for the codepink organization. They don't even deserve to have their name in capital letters!!!

Please ladies....find something more constructive to do with your idle packing boxes for our courageous troops abroad or lifting a helping hand to their families at home!!!

Shame on all of you!

Paul said...

July 10, 2008 10:42 AM
Eileen Coles said...

"I see someone let the kiddies out of neonazi day camp again."

So Eileen, are you cool with Iran attacking Israel? I'm just curious. Also, I'd love to know why it's ok for you and your code pink buddies to protest and speak your mind whenever you wish but when somebody speaks their mind on your little blog page they get called a Nazi.

I would like for you and people like you to leave my country. You are an embarrassment to this great nation.

You should be ashamed of yourself Eileen.

You and all your code pink pals are the very definition of anti-American.

Anonymous said...

It was appalling to see photographs of Congressman Ackerman posing for pictures with Medea Benjamin of Code Pink. Benjamin was quoted in recent weeks saying that no one who served in Vietnam is a hero. Benjamin, long with Jody Evans and Cindy Sheehan, visited Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and heaped praise on him despite his support for the terror group FARC. She also gave interviews in which she defended Chavez's closure of RCTV which was the last non-state owned media in Venezuela.

She also wrote three books praising the communist revolution in Cuba. After Benjamin returned to the U.S. from years of living in Cuba she described her time there in the press as saying she thought she died and went to heaven.

Additionally, Code Pink has posed security risks at several different political events by rushing toward speakers on stage. They have also interrupted numerous Congressional hearings and interfered with our rights to watch our representatives in action. Most recently, on Code Pink's blog, one of its members describes Sen. McCain as a war criminal. Quite a nice thing to say about someone who sacrificed so much.

When Congressman Ackerman, or any other member of Congress for that matter, poses for photos or meets with members of Code Pink, he gives them the undeserved credibility of Congressional support. And, Code Pink plays it up to the hilt making sure that they post numerous photos and videos of themselves with him on the internet as if he supports what they stand for. A good question for Congressman Ackerman is, does he?

Eileen Coles said...

I'm not cool with ANYONE attacking ANYONE. Iran hasn't attacked another country in over 200 years. So they have a psycho for a president who talks a lot of crap.

So do we, but our psycho also breaks federal and international laws and treaties. Maybe we should do our own dirty laundry first.

Last I noticed, Israel has no shortage of it's own nuclear warheads and is quite capable of taking care of itself.

I'm proud to stand at CodePink's side. My patriotism resides above the neck.

Anonymous said...


Fucking idiot's what? Idiot's is a possessive and needs to have some sort of object or, of course, you could be using it as a contraction like "Fucking idiot is." I'm sure, since you are such a wonderful blogger that you are aware of this bit of English grammar (we speak English in America). So I need to know what belongs to Fucking idiot or what the fucking idiot is. I'm waiting with baited breath, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eileen Coles posted her plan to protect the US from Iran. She compared its psycho leader to Pres. Bush. You need to consider some quotes from the Iranians.

Ahmadinejad described Israel as a "fake regime." He said, "As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map," said Ahmadinejad, referring to Iran's revolutionary leader Ayat Allah Khomeini.

"Anyone who signs a treaty which recognises the entity of Israel means he has signed the surrender of the Muslim world," Ahmadinejad said.

More quotes from Iran's leader are, "Any leaders in the Islamic umma who recognise Israel face the wrath of their own people."

And, he termed Zionists "the most detested people in all humanity" and called the extermination of six million Jews during World War II "a myth,"

In 2007, "With God's help, the countdown button for the destruction of the Zionist regime has been pushed by the hands of the children of Lebanon and Palestine," Ahmadinejad said in a speech.

"By God's will, we will witness the destruction of this regime in the near future," he said.

Sounds to me like the Iranian leader is one of Code Pink's ideal leaders.


Paul said...

July 10, 2008 4:57 PM
Eileen Coles said...

"I'm not cool with ANYONE attacking ANYONE. Iran hasn't attacked another country in over 200 years. So they have a psycho for a president who talks a lot of crap.

So do we, but our psycho also breaks federal and international laws and treaties. Maybe we should do our own dirty laundry first.

Last I noticed, Israel has no shortage of it's own nuclear warheads and is quite capable of taking care of itself.

I'm proud to stand at CodePink's side. My patriotism resides above the neck."

Hey Eileen, why don't you and your code pink pals call up the White House, tell them you want to go to Iran with some milk and cookies to try to resolve these issues peacefully.

My guess is that all of you would come back to the US in body bags, if you're lucky.

Seriously, be a true American & Patriot and support your brothers and sisters, who are fighting to protect people like you so you can continue to run your ridiculous mouth freely in this great nation of ours.

Send some clothing, canned goods, anything.

Do that instead of running around in little pink hats, flashing your boobs and yelling into megaphones.

You disappoint me Eileen Coles.

Anonymous said...

Now, I don't quite understand. Our brothers and sisters are over in Iraq "fighting to protect people like you so you can continue to run your ridiculous mouth freely in this great nation of ours," yet our civil liberties are being quickly eroded by the hand of our own government? I'm REALLY confused by this particular argument. Please explain more fully.

Marie's Two Cents said...

NeoNazi Camp???

Uh... I think I have a few people on here believe the same way I do.

Eileen Coles said...

I'm not cool with ANYONE attacking ANYONE. Iran hasn't attacked another country in over 200 years. So they have a psycho for a president who talks a lot of crap.

So do we, but our psycho also breaks federal and international laws and treaties. Maybe we should do our own dirty laundry first.

Last I noticed, Israel has no shortage of it's own nuclear warheads and is quite capable of taking care of itself.

I'm proud to stand at CodePink's side. My patriotism resides above the neck.

Oh Brother where to start!

In case you have forgotten Eileen, Iran held our Hostages in 1979 not 200 years ago, from our US Embassy in Tehran, Iran for 444 days! But I guess that is nothing to you people, but it means a whole lot to the hostages families who had to endure that shit!

Iran is now demonstrating they have the cabability to wipe out Israel!

If you are for not attacking anyone then why are you not on the bandwagon against Iran attacking Israel?

Oh God Save Iran right? But what about God save Israel FROM Iran?

Marie's Two Cents said...


Anonymous said...


Fucking idiot's what? Idiot's is a possessive and needs to have some sort of object or, of course, you could be using it as a contraction like "Fucking idiot is." I'm sure, since you are such a wonderful blogger that you are aware of this bit of English grammar (we speak English in America). So I need to know what belongs to Fucking idiot or what the fucking idiot is. I'm waiting with baited breath, to be sure.

Dear God!

It's Marie, dufuss, not Maria!

Spelling corrections?


Paul said...

Anonymous said...

"yet our civil liberties are being quickly eroded by the hand of our own government?"

What's the matter, you afraid Uncle Sam's gonna read some of your emails or listen in on your phone conversations? Unless you're breaking the law in some way, I wouldn't worry.

I've never felt that my civil liberties were in any danger what so ever. I live my life as I wish day in and day out and I'm quite sure you do too.

So stop bitching about the government and support our troops.

LaFajita said...

Paul, if you would like to follow your own advice, join a tour group to Iran here:

Peace With Iran

Iran is not our enemy.

Also, fair warning: You've posted a message on a website advocating peace and social justice. If it's a slow day in the "Terra" bidness, you may have made yourself a target of the National Security State. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Are we a little paranoid? You should consider moving to Medea Benjamin's favorite place which is Cuba. Recall that she was quoted as saying when she lived in communist Cuba she thought she died and went to heaven.

Or, you could also go to Venezuela and live under the dictaor Hugo Chavez. Recall that Cindy Sheehan said she would rather live under Chavez than Bush. And, Jody Evans did an interview in which she said her ideal leader is Chavez. Medea Benjamin met Chavez, along with Evans and Sheehan and heaped praise on him. She even defended his closure and seizure of the assets of RCTV.

And, you should not that Chavez supports and supplies FARC which is responsible for acts of violence and kidnappings in Columbia.

And, if Code Pink is so interested in political rights, why did Medea Benjamin snub requests by the Women in White to meet with them when she was in Cuba protesting the terrorists detained there. The Women in White are the spouses of Castro's political prisoners.

Anonymous said...


I was just trying to make you sound nicer than you really are. I was not giving you SPELLING advice, I was giving you GRAMMAR advice. There is a difference, dear. You continue to embarrass all intelligent, thinking conservatives. You need to get some education if you want to really make a difference in this world. You might want to just go ahead and do things like make cookies for the troops. That's all the good you seem capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

"Unless you're breaking the law in some way, I wouldn't worry."

I believe this is the kind of thing the Nazi party used to say. I'm not saying you're a Nazi, I'm just saying this is how Hitler came to power.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think the troops can always use cookies. Back in World War I people back home knitted socks for them. All Code Pink wants to do is donate money and provide support to America's enemies. We need many more Marie's and less Code Pinkers.

No attacks on US soil for 7 years. This was against all odds. ENSHRINE BUSH!

No attacks in Europe since 2004. This was against all odds. ENSHRINE BUSH!

Successful Iraq troop surge. ENSHRINE BUSH!

Even John Murtha has acknowledged the success of the surge. ENSHRINE BUSH!

Libya surrendered its nuclear technology. ENSHRINE BUSH!

Most of the Al Qaeda leadership in the world killed or captured. ENSHRINE BUSH!

Secured funding for the war on terror throughout his whole administration. ENSHRINE BUSH!

Al Qaeda in Iraq has been defeated and they are only left with one last stronghold which is being chipped away as we speak. ENSHRINE BUSH!

No world leader has done more for Darfur than the US under Bush. ENSHRINE BUSH!

Looks like Bush is 8+ and Code Pink is ZERO!

Please Code Pink grace us with your plan to provide security for the US? Oh, I forgot you don't have one. You just criticize others who work hard to provide that security while you do nothing but bitch and complain about the hard work others are doing. Cry me a river Code Pink!

Paul said...

Seriously, if I could vote for Bush again, a 3rd time, I would.

But I can't so here's what I'm hoping for:

President: John McCain
Vice President: Mitt Romney

Anonymous said...

Hey I was at the flotilla and I really feel I made a difference lobbying a liberal Congressman who sympathized with my views. I will really feel like I made a difference if I could lobby Dennis Kucinich to.

Chelsie said...

Thank GOD for codePINK. Atleast someone is sticking up for our rights.

Anonymous said...

I know, I feel like it is becoming more and more difficult to be a terrorist each day because the government passed bills like FISA. They should not do that. After all, why would they want to dare put terrorists in prison or catch them. It is great to chop heads off and bomb civilians. Who in their right mind would want to pass laws discouraging that?

John said...

I Guess that code pink is against Israel. Why else would they be trying to prevent us from helping to stop Iran?

Shouldn't code pink be sailing their little pink boats over to Iran to talk to them about peace?

Please tell us why you want to see Iran attack Israel code pink.

You're not going to change anything code pink. Your approach to dealing with the likes or Iran is laughable . You're just making noise just for the sake of making noise, you're looking for attention. Just a bunch of wannabe hippies.

If you really want to change things, then run for public office. Get into the Senate or Congress. Do something worthwhile instead of sitting on your asses, flappin' your big mouths.

code pink IS A FUCKING JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Boy, from the comments, the craziest of the crazies have jumped on this action. And what a fantastic action it was. Tighe outdid himself this time (with the help of the gorgeous pinkers).
I have to laugh at the amount of time these folks are spending calling names, cursing and misquoting Ahmadinejad. Not a military person amoung them. Shouldn't they be joining the service and shipping out to fight for freedom or something? Oh yeah, they either fought in Vietnam and just can't get over it, or they vote for Bush, but never sign up to serve. I see it all the time.
Amazing Action - keep up the great service you do every day to help restore our constitution. Hope to see ya soon Lydia

David said...


What exactly is it you do Lydia? What great service do you provide for this Great Nation?

All you code pink radicals do is flap your gums wildly.

several people have asked you to lay out code pink's great plan for solving our issues in the Middle East but I've yet to hear it.

My guess is you don't have a plan. You're just hungry for attention, you like the limelight.

Stop being a problem and make a difference. Run for Congress, run for the Senate. Do something to help our Great Nation instead of bitching about it. Instead of buying a little pink hat or shirt for yourself, why not buy some shirts or socks for a soldier who needs them.

Look in the mirror Lydia, take a good long look.

Liz said...

The whole "pink peace flotilla" was very likely a set-up publicity stunt for Rep. Ackerman. As pointed out on Hannity & Colmes, it was rather strange that Rep. Ackerman was dressed in a suit and fresh carnation at 7 a.m. when he came out to hug the Code Pink ladies! Especially since Ackerman often can't wake up on time to make it to Congress. (His attendance record is rated "poor" by gov.trak.)

As also pointed out on Hannity & Colmes, it was also rather strange that Code Pink would protest Ackerman. Ackerman has one of the "pinkest" records in the House. Among other things, Ackerman voted AGAINST the 2007 Transportation Security Act amendment which protects citizens who in good faith report suspicious terrorist activity (the "See Something, Say Something" amendment). He also boasted of his (illegal) meetings with Fidel Castro, Kim Il Sung and other world dictators to Code Pink. And in mid-June 2008, Ackerman stated that we should send another $100 million of our tax dollars to terrorism-promoter Mahmoud Abbas, and that we should have been making Abbas into the "Muslim Santa Claus." Please visit my websites or contact me for more information.

Liz Berney, Esq.
Republican Candidate, 5th Congressional District of New York (running against Ackerman) /

Anonymous said...

Liz said: "The whole "pink peace flotilla" was very likely a set-up publicity stunt for Rep. Ackerman."

That's what code pink is all about.. Publicity. The whole organization is one huge joke. Just a bunch of bored, old hippies and brainwashed college students who do absolutely nothing for this Great Nation we live in.

Good luck in your run for Congress Liz.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Liz. After Medea Benjamin said No one who served in Vietnam is a war hero I think Ackerman was caught of guard when he made the mistake to even be seen with these people.

There was a blog recently from Jennifer Teguia who is a 9th grade english teacher at JFK High School in Freemon, CA where she called John McCain a "war criminal."

They try to get these Congressman to pose for photos with them because it gives them undeserved credibility and legitimacy. Ackerman's staffers must not have been available to let him know a little bit about the history of this group before he posed for photos with them.

Ashley Casale said...


beautiful, courageous, creative, powerful & hilarious all at once, once again. Thank you!

xoxo, ashley

Hampton Roads Code Pink said...

May I please invite all of the people here that are afraid of Iran to please look up information on the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, or the NIE itself. I am sure that it is available online, where it states that Iran does NOT have nukes and has NOT threatened Israel. Also, please see the 35 articles of impeachment, one of which is a charge against Bush for lying AGAIN to Congress and the American people. This time about Iran. There are numerous articles and a Senate Intelligence Committee Report that says that Bush lied about the dangers in Iraq, so in reality, there was no threat there and no one is protecting us.

They are all heroes for faithfully going where they thought they were needed. It is unfortunate that a few greedy individuals could cause all of that death and destruction for money and power, but that is what happened and now, the best way to protect us (the troops over there and the American people from the terrorists we are creating over there daily) is to admit that we made a mistake, get out of there and pay to rebuild. It is their duty to go when they are needed and ours to insure that we never take chances with their lives by sending them somewhere that is not absolutely necessary. We failed on our end of the bargain and now it is time to turn that around.

I also recommend everyone go youtube the first 40 minutes of the documentary Terror Storm. You don't have to watch the whole thing to get the point, and the second half some may say is speculation, but without a doubt, the first 40 minutes you can prove with declassified documents and on the website If you think that your country would never send people where they are not needed or hurt people who don't deserve it, including our own citizens, or that they are somehow not capable, I can assure you that they are and they have. I have seen what protesters go through and it is not cowardly, or unpatriotic to do what these women accomplish daily. History will reflect, not unlike Vietnam that this was the right. Go PINKERS!!

Anonymous said...


Paulette said...

I can't believe the venomous diatribe going on here. It's obvious to anyone reading this that a few simple souls with nothing but hate in them, are using this to bash code pink.

I say god bless code pink. They are doing what we ALL should be doing, standing up for our constitution, and trying to stop endless war (which only benefits the war profitiers).

Thank you code pink for all that you do.

Liz said...

I'd like to thank all the people reading this blog who wrote to express support of my campaign to unseat Ackerman, after Ackerman told Code Pink that he is willing to meet Ahmadinejad and other dictators!!

Liz Berney, Esq.
Republican Congressional Candidate, 5th Congressional District of New York (Ackerman's opponent)