Tuesday, July 15, 2008

07.15.08 Douglas Feith Shamed by CODEPINK

Douglas Feith the former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy under subpoena showed up to the Judiciary Sub Committee on Constitution Civil Liberties and Civil Rights this morning.This was the first appearance & CODEPINKers are highly interested in this issue! The topic Interrogation rules & Guantananmo Bay.
CLOSE GITMO! Denounce Torture! Stop putting our military in jeopardy with torture practices.
We believe torture is cruel, inhumane,decreases moral opinion, and wrong.
CODEPINK was ready to make a citizen arrest but the capitol police had a protective shield around dirty Douglas from the Rayburn to the taxi.
In my humble opinion Feith is one of the architect's of genocide in Iraq with the intel coming out of the Office of Special Plans on the run up to the invasion of Iraq.

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