Sunday, July 20, 2008

Celebrate our Shero Ann Wright

We Love Ann


Meg from California said...

Col. Ann,

Happy, Happy Birthday from every single one of us in CodePink San Luis Obispo. You are most definitely one of our heroes. Your strength, warmth, and genuine love of your country and all mankind is an inspiration to us all.

Peace, Hope, Persistence

caterliz said...

We codepinkers so adore Col Ann for tremendous courage and tireless efforts to speak everyday.

get back to DC soon ANN !!!
the WHITE House needs some attention during Press conferences

Anonymous said...

As caterliz knows, everyone here in Phoenix loves Ann! She's an excellent house guest, too. Happy belated Birthday!

CODEPINK said...

Happy Birthday from the end war coalition now

Arizona Statewide Support for Ann Wright is plentiful!!!

CLONE a few million A Wright's