Tuesday, September 4, 2007

DC House - y'all come

It is my belief that everyone who is involved with CP desires a trip to work with the organizers of this fablous organization. I am lucky enough to be here in DC far from my home & family in very sunny CA. Is it a sacrafice to be away? Yes! Does it compare to the sacrafice our troops are making? No. Or the Mother who has lost her child to this war? NO I encourage you to come. Let me tell you about the past few days!

Sunday night - Wow! Throw a potluck at the DC Codepink house and not only do the anti-war supporters like you and I show up, but so do people who are the movers and shakers in the movement. This potluck was in celebration of our own Des getting out of jail, and in honor of Evan Kappenberger who just finished a seven day vigil (Stop Loss). Others in attendance were Col. Anne Wright, the first woman officer to resign over the war, Adam Kakesh Iraq Veterans against The War, Tina Richards of Military Moms Speak Out, Tyler Westwood of www.WhyNotNews.org as well as the CodePink women who staff this house and fight the good fight. Please google the names of these people to see the inspiring work they do.
Monday _ The atmosphere in the house changed today. Medea came “home”. The air became charged. What are we going to do to make Congress look up and pay attention to the people? What can be done differently? How can we rally the people? What will be the action to get Congress’s attention? The questions were being thrown out like fast and furious. Not in despair, oh no, like gauntlets. Decisions were made. The line was drawn in the sand, so to speak. The women are fighting mad. An interesting side of a group dedicated to peace. We all have worked so hard attempting to get the Congress to act to end this war. Now, they will be asked to pass $200 billion in war funding. Will they cave or will they listen to the will of the people? It is up to us, the grassroots to do more. Each of us has the potential to be a “mover and shaker”. We all have stories to share, lives we know that have been devastated because of the war. How many people do you know who are better off because of the war? I do not know of anyone. Keep your eyes open for the action that will make them stop and listen.
I also watched and participated in the creative process of another “action” being formed. What great fun! Twelve creative minds taking one person’s idea and honing it to make it clear, concise, and on message is like being in the middle of a friendly storm. Ideas flew through the room like electrical bolts. Tomorrow will prove to be more than interesting. We will put the “action” out there as finally, the Congress returns. We have some fun things planned to welcome them baaaaack. by Corla Coles


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