Friday, September 21, 2007

Arrest Footage of CODEPINK Women Who Peacefully Protested Lieberman in Upper Senate Park

Several CODEPINKer's were arrested for a peaceful protest at a pro-war rally where Lieberman was speaking on Wednesday September 19th on Capitol Hill.


Ryan from Richmond said...

Thank you Why Not News?! Nice Coverage. Guess it is no longer legal to PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE in PUBLIC to read the first amendment which is supposed to protect THE RIGHT TO PROTEST. What goons.

What did the charges end up being?

I couldn't make the last march, but will be up on the 29th!

Spike said...

You stupid dykes have nothing better to do than to cause trouble. Protesting in front of Marine recruiting offices. I didn't know you and people like you were so stupid. You are protesting the forces that protect you at night.

Anonymous said...

This whole oganization.. Code Pink.. is the biggest joke! I do support their right to assemple peacefully, which they seem to do. But their "arguments" are very, very weak and the issues they take the time to protest are absolutely ridiculous. They all look like a bunch of unemployed desperate housewives with nothing better to do other than trying to get famous. The lady in the video.."I'm being arrested for reading the constitution.." She looks so silly. Im sure there is more to that video clip. They should all serve one month in a war-zone. Let them choose which one. Let them explain to the insurgents that they are peacefull and see what happens to them. Someobdy shut this shit off the net! I'm stupider already for having looked at it.

highstk said...

Ryan, did you wear a skirt and squat to pee?

Diver Dave said...

Hey! Where is Jane Fonda? What's her opinion? Why isn't she here? I remember this traitorous bozo during the Vietnamese war, prancing around geting free press, then, after all was over, apologizing and admitting she was mistaken in her mind.

You're right, Spike! They haven't anything better to do, and they're having fun doing it. How about some acts of kindness to the wounded or hospitalized, or the homeless or disabled vets as well.

Stand up and show `em you care, else take your unpatriotic acts to some other country you admire more....if you can find one you can stand.

Jacob said...

Well just remebr one thing, that Code pink was not allowed to cross the concrete sidewalk during this rally, due to the fact Code Pink did not have a permit to protest at the park. Tha is why they are being arrested not because they were reading the Constition. If Code Pink want to "speak out" or to protest the rally that was taking place legally, then code pink should have had applied for thier own pemit to be there then, maybe, just maybe they would not have neem arrested. Now the cameraman has no idea whats going on due to the fact he came up after the fact. Hell he even states he just came up and wanted to knwow what is going on. And to get onto the plice because they are being silent, well they are trained to be that way.