Saturday, September 22, 2007

SING! by Lori Perdue

The title of this post is the title of a poem. SING is in all caps by design. It is my latest tribute to the women of CODEPINK. I have been excessively busy this week and feel like I missed a lot of time with the many wonderful women staying at the CODEPINK House. It is also a shout out to Betsy whose music brought out a spirit at the house and at our actions that was a true blessing.
An update first.
The world is upside down and the weeks pass by like days here in D.C.. It's epidemic, that's why the blog has been so bare of words for the past week or so. (Except for that indomitable Midge with the videos!)
Medea and Gael and the incomparable House Mainstay crew have had such an incredibly interesting and vital schedule this week that although the house has been packed with amazing activists from all over the country, no one has had the time to process and write about any one specific action. There are so many bases to cover here that we could use a few more teams (more than this humble house could hold) to get to them all, to be honest.

I have a lot of information to process while I have some peace and quiet, but I feel the need to stop and let all of you know a few key things.

First of all, you are incredible. I have met some of the most honest, straightforward women at the CODEPINK house, acting on true principals and conviction during the past two weeks. I am honored to know you all. You have done a great job and I hope you take the energy we all shared home with you and create an environment of Peace, based in Justice wherever you go. Stand tall and know that you are good Americans. Your determination and spirit are both inspiring and humbling. Thank you.

Secondly, some of the most effective actions have come as suggestions from those of you at home. In my opinion, as witness to and participant in numerous actions by CODEPINK over the past two weeks, the best actions are the ones that are from the heart, challenge issues of justice or that are timely. CODEPINK has shown many sides in the past weeks. We have expressed outrage, mourning, diplomacy, reason, professionalism, and non-violence in the face of violence, to name a few.

I am pleased to be of the opinion that CODEPINK has been on-target, timely and accurate. CODEPINK has been acting on principal and inspired by excellent leadership and has provided support for it's own group and provided a broad range of assistance for members of other coalitions and groups. I am as proud to affiliate myself with CODEPINK as I am to claim membership in Veterans for Peace.
Together We Will Stop This War!

And now, the promised poem...


I sit here upright in a strange bed that now feels rather familiar
after nights spent sitting here, upright,
pouring these letters out onto the page in an order that forms words
and then phrases
that combine to convey ideas and statements and poems and garbled, sleep deprived rants
But right now I want to write to you
I want you to know that I am aware of you.
I see your bravery and conscience
You are beautiful and strong
I feel you at work inside me even when there are states separating us
I want you to understand that I take you with me wherever I am
That I know you, have seen your light in the universe
Have seen up close how that light can shine
I have seen you in your sparkling, blinding pink glory
And survived the conflagration
Gone through the gauntlets
To give Peace a Chance
To expose the opposition’s violence
And to prove that Pink is now a Class
And life has allowed me to pass,
Burned clean of any material ties
Through to you
I will not waste my opportunities
But I will wait for the right moments to act
And when I stand face to face with you
Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand
With an open mind behind my eyes
And an open heart beating in my chest
It will not be timing that is a problem but rather, time
And resources at our disposal
My sister remember resolve
Stand ready for action
Choose your battles and messages wisely
Sing for your life Sister
and you will call me to your side
Because we are a gentle angry people
Sing for peace
Sing for Justice
Sing My Sister, Sing for our lives.
Stand up and SING!
I will stand at your side.

Peace my Sisters,
Lori Perdue

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