Wednesday, September 26, 2007

VIDEO BLOG: CODEPINK inside Senate Appropriations Hearing on Iraq War Funding

This is a clip of CODEPINKers yelling "SHAME" to the witnesses testifying before Senator Byrd's Appropriation Committee hearing on the 2008 fiscal year defense spending for Iraq

This is a very short sample of the signs CODEPINK held up behind Secretary of State Gates in the September 26th Senate Appropriations hearing.

This is juust a short clip of a CODEPINK Woman from Texas who was holding up a sign behind Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte in the Senate Approriations hearing on Iraq War funding September 26th, 2007.

On Wednesday September 26th, 2007 CODEPINK people from around the country were kicked out of the Senate Appropriations hearing after holding anti-war signs up behind the witnesses. (more)


Anonymous said...

OK, that didn't work (CodePink Members Thrown Out of Senate Hearing.) Making laughing stocks of ourselves didn't work in the 70's and it looks worse now in Hi-Def!
I agree with your cause. I'm on your side!
But clowns either make people laugh, or they give people nightmares. You are fulfilling the latter.
I have an idea. Did you see Hillary Clinton being interviewed on Fox the other day (well, I don't watch Fox ever but I saw it.) When Chris Wallace asked her a ridiculous question, she cracked up! Laughed out loud, right in his face! When Ahmadinejad told the audience at Columbia that there were "no gays in Iran," the audience just laughed at him.
How about going in to some of these congressional hearings, or events of candidates or politicians you dislike (you could wear American Flag tee-shirts) and, when they make an outrageous statement, simply laugh. Loud and hard! No chanting. No shouting. No clown costumes. It might be contagious. Imagine how Dick Cheney would look if hundreds of people were laughing at the ridiculousness of the lies and venom he spews. Joe Liebermann and John McCain would turn bright red. John Boehner would start crying. George Bush would probably wet his pants. Maybe Ann Coulter would hang herself (I can dream, right?) The news organizations might even pick up on it as some kind of movement. Laugh the creeps off the podium. Make them feel like the fools they are. Use their own words as the cues! At the moment, with the tactics you are using, the other side has the upper hand.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the first comment. History proves that public outcry does indeed bring about change. We should use every nonviolent tactic available to draw attention to the critical issues at hand. CODEPINK rocks!

Anonymous said...

Codepink is to be commended for doing ANYTHING. I'd lose the silly hats. Little ladies in pink tee shirts are actually quite poignant and the image alarms one, makes one think, "whats' ma or grandma upset about?". FURTHER... big old men in suits and uniforms pulling on them and making stern remarks look like bullies! It's like the monks of Myanmar. You cannot come off looking good bullying monks and ladies of a certain age. PERCEPTION is important!
I like the first posters laughing idea, though.

my space for peace said...
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my space for peace said...

Wow, you ladies actually made the evening news in Orlando! I was at a funeral for the father of one of our CODEPINK sisters here and my oldest daughter, Alicia called to excitedly tell me you were on channel 13! We have had such a blackout here on PINK that it was a great uplift to my day!

I disagree with Comment One, as I have too many people saying, "wow, I saw CODEPINK this week on the news" from all over the country. My sister's 8th grade daughter in Atlanta saw you in her current events class and called to tell me how proud she was and that most of her classmates agreed that CODEPINK rocks!

Another old friend's mom sent me clippings from DC, AGAIN, this week. She is 70 years old and the wife of a career military officer but agrees with you and cheers you on daily in her heart.

Friends in Montana, San Francisco, South Carolina and Vermont have all been ecstatic to see you calling attention to this war and its atrocities. They love you and respect your constant commitment.
CODEPINK tactics may not appeal to the suits in our country but the "people" hear us loud and clear and appreciate CODEPINK being there. Every CODEPINK sister who has been to DC and stayed at the house knows that the reporters can only capture a microdot of the real magic happening there in DC, THE TRUE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN! Thanks for your awe inspiring action without end! peace,

Holley Rauen said...

Thanks for being there CODEPINK! You even made it on the local Fort Myers news last night. I wish I could have joined you. The chanting and visibility you keep in these proceedings is important. It does make a difference!



Lydia Vickers said...

I just got a note: "how do they get so close" :-D Here's what I shared:

I don't know exactly about this event - but normally we just line up like everyone else (pink or not). We arrived 4 hours early for the Petraeus hearing in the House. Usually it's only a 30 minute wait.

We are American citizens and have a right to attend all of the hearings (I know, I'm preaching to the choir). CODEPINK's fearless leaders guide us through each event as it's happening. One thing about, CODEPINK, normally, "there is no plan" :-D. But they have your back and action or non action is left up to each of us, individually.

I think it's also important to note that many times these seats would be empty without CODEPINK. The only other people I ever see there are press and awesome people like David Swanson, Anne Wright and the men and women from IVAW.

They don't want us there, for sure. We sometimes find RESERVE signs on the seats and we just take them off and sit down. Again, we are there to protect the constitution of the United States and our rights as citizens

Acting up at hearings is not every one's cup of tea. But, I challenge you to go into that CODEPINK DC energy and resist standing in a chair when we can't get the war mongers to even swear in!!!!! Luckily, CODEPINK is such a huge umbrella that there is room for the noisiest of us and the quietest also.

One important thing jumped out at the Senator Byrd's hearing. All of the money for the war already spent and all of the money they are asking for now (another $197 Billion) is borrowed money. There are no bonds. There's no draft. Americans aren't sharing in the costs equally. And, worst of all, our soldiers are going to have to pay for this war when they come home and for the rest of theirs lives.

Sam Provance, who outed Abu Ghraib (not the photos, just the facts) was inspired by these words:
"Thou shalt not be a victim;
Thous shalt not be a perpetrator
Above All,
Thou shalt not be a by-stander"

Stand on a chair today, Peace

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