Saturday, September 8, 2007

VIDEO BLOG: Medea Benjamin "Whipping Congress into Shape" at the Capitol September 5th

On Wednesday September 5th 2007, Medea Benjamin was among those speaking at the "Whipping Congress Into Shape" coalition press conference which included CODEPINK, Iraq Veterans Against the War,, The Backbone Campaign, United For Peace & Justice, ANSWER Coalition, and more!!!


Anonymous said...

Please get as many people to tie up the phone lines at GE in Connecticut with a protest and boycott. Spread the word far and wide.

Call GOP contributor and war contractor General Electric Corporation at 203 373 2211 and ask for the public relations department. Tell the person in public relations that you want the GE CEO to get Bush to end the war in Iraq and then Bush resign with Cheney and until that happens you will not buy any GE products and that you will tell your friends about this.

Anonymous said...

For the cost of a telegram send your congressman, Senator or Mr. Bush a real message to get out of Iraq now. If they receive one of these they won't soon forget your message. It costs as much as a telegram to send this message and unlike a telegram they will not soon throw it out.

Anonymous said...

How about a campaign to Whip Code Pink's dictator friends like Castro and Chavez into shape. Oh yeah, that is not going to happen because Code Pink would love America to be more like Cuba and Venezuela or North Korea.

no1ulnow said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your an idiot.