Tuesday, September 25, 2007

VIDEO BLOG: Troops Out Now Coalition and CODEPINK Protest at the White House to Demand President Bush NOT Attack Iran

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Anonymous said...

I recently found out about your cause from watching a segment on the fox news channel. I in some ways agree with your position and in other I do not. I have been in the military for 11 years, the majority of my time spent in special operations and in aviation. I have been deployed 3 times, twice to OEF and once to OIF, and would glady go back givin the choice. For use to pull out of Iraq now would not only be a smack in the face to everyone that has been there, but would leave the whole region unstable and ten years from now have an even worse region on our hands. The threat of terror will never soon go away, the only way to secure our borders and to protect the American public is to get to the root of the problem which is what we are doing today and for more than likely, years to come.