Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Senator from MO & "Silly Ass Ideas"

Sunday morning talk shows are part of our weekly schedule here at the CP house. Notwithstanding that I'm home alone, when I heard Wolf Blitzer say that Bushie Senator Kit Bond was in the CNN studio I jumped to my feet. Shit! I can't believe the studio?? I grabbed my cellphone to call Midge, he's her senator, and ask her if I had time to make it and she encouraged me to go since it's only a 10 minute walk.

Well, that's all I needed, a little encouragement and a lot of adrenaline and I was up the stairs to get my running shoes and then out the door with only my cellphone and giant photo of Iraqi victims.

I got my exercise today. I ran a block, sped walked til I caught my breath and then ran the next block. As soon as I got there I noticed no limos nor reporters in sight. "Dammit", I thought, "I missed him!". So I called Midge again to see if she could check if he was still in the studio. Alas! Her mom was watching something else.

I thanked her, ended the call and started pacing from the "secret" exit driveway to the cobblestoned main entryway. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Midge, somehow she convinced her mom to change the channel ever so briefly, "He's just finishing up. Tell him I said hi!" "Thanks, Sweetie!" I replied excitedly.

I returned from the driveway to the entryway and even from curbside I recognized his askew head of gray hair. I approached ever so gingerly near the large posts hidden by the nearby foliage. As I practically crept up to the CNN lobby, Senator Bond, his back to me, faced bright TV camera lights and three reporters with pads and pens in hand. He was holding a briefing. Yippee!!

With photo in hand and a pounding heart I walked right in to the foyer, as the outer door was ajar. (Imagine my glee!) I rushed the Senator on camera shouting, "Senator Kit Bond! You are an accomplice to war crimes! I am here representing the American people. You are committing war crimes in the name of our nation's security. We are not safer. We are less safe! You are creating more terrorists!..."

By this time, the security guard gently ushers me out the door and a smiling janitor goes after me to each and every door to check that they are now indeed secure. I start the CODEPINK chant, "We are CODEPINK, we are proud! We are sisters we are loud! We are many, we'll be more. And we'll end this bloody war!"

No more than thirty seconds later, the Senator, who seemed to be discussing his options looked a little disconcerted...Hmm, one 51 year-old children's librarian with a bloody photo was something to be reckoned with, I guess. He came out the door with a lackey on either side.

I continued, "The American people cannot, will not tolerate any more bloodshed! You send our troops to die for lies! War crimes are being committed in Iraq, Senator and you are an accomplice. You still support these failed policies of invasion and occupation (I borrowed Liz' line) in the name of making the world safer and fighting terrorism. Stop trying to sell us your 'silly ass ideas' The same B.S.! The Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11. Not one Iraqi!! " He looked like he wanted to slap me. (Every time Liz & I see Kit Bond in the tunnels of the Russell building he says his son is in Iraq so we can have our "silly ass ideas!")

By this time we are curbside but his lackey can't get the door to the car to open so they keep walking (I wonder where to? A taxi?)

At this point, I've redialed Midge so someone could "witness" some of this albeit via cellphone. I'm going on and on and Bond doesn't reply (His aide seems to shush him) all the while we're walking towards Union Station and away from CNN. "Shame on you for sending your son to that hellhole so the war profiteers can fill their bank accounts. You should be ashamed of yourself. The blood is on your hands, Senator."

As I try to get near to show him the photo. His goon, turns rapidly around and lunges at me! "Back up, buddy!"I say "I'm on a public sidewalk. Last time I checked my constitution I still had 1st amendment rights!" He quickly decided against touching me, probably saw the cellphone and thought better of it.

"See you September 4th, Senator! Oh yeah, Midge says hi!"


JimPreston said...

My silly secret nickname for Desiree is 'Legs'. After her sensational solo flights today, I can't decide if I should change it to 'Heart and Soul', or just plain 'GENIUS!!'.

I don't know if it's a free world or not, but I do know that there is one mama rockin'.


Medea said...

You are the greatest, Des! A veritable one woman world wonder! You sure had a productive morning--got your exercise and got to confront TWO war criminals. Go Des!!!

Ryan from Richmond said...

Nice work Des! Way to stay on him!

Midge said...

Thanks for calling me while you were confronting my Senator Des, it was a great way to start a Sunday... It was a holy experience! Keep preaching the truth sister!!!

Eileen Coles said...

Mannnnnnnn, she's havin' ALL the fun...!!!

Dana said...

Des- way to hold down the fort woman!! what courage! can't wait to be back in action with you!

caterliz said...


thank you for being there to comfront
our favorite big mouth on capitol hill (in the tunnel)
he needs attention our attnetion
we need to disrupt KIT more often!!

JimPreston said...

I'm trying to get the fax machine to work at the house, but I don't have experience with the cable-phone systems. Is there any chance you could talk me through it? Let me know.

Eileen Coles said...

Jim, just saw this now, will call.

Bubby said...

Your blog made me laugh and really cheered me up. I wish I had your balls kiddo. Thanks for doing that though!! Can't wait to see Cindy in Baraboo WI on Sept 8th.

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