Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boy Wonder and Me

At about 8:15a I waited w/o the usual CP gear, anticipating that Karl Rove might actually have a conversation with me. I stood near the huge potted plants that abut the Fox entrance about 10 feet from the curb. Wearing my black and pink Code Pink baseball shirt and my black jeans, I wondered for about 20 minutes if indeed he had come already. There was one lone cameraman near the Fox door. I waved and told him good morning. I think he was the nice redhead cameraman who greets us every Sunday morning at any or all of the Sunday talk show venues

When I thought I had missed the "Boy Wonder", finally at 8:35 a large black suburban with several radio antenna stopped near the corner. I quickly walked in its direction just as the "turd blossom" got out and approached the sidewalk accompanied by a young blond and conspicuously missing the S.S. Here's how our conversation went:

"Good morning, Mr. Rove. Could we walk and talk?"

"No we may not!" (No soft spot there. I should have brought the mask and sign.) We're already walking and talking.

"Why is that? Are you afraid of the 'Pink Ladies'?"

"No I am not. I've seen enough of you all"

"But where on Capitol Hill? We haven't seen you in Patrick Leahy's committee hearings."

In a very whiney tone he replied, "You've been seeking out my family." At this point he gives me his back and quickly heads toward the Fox Studios.

Following him I from behind I asked, "Mr. Rove, have you ever thought what the world would be like today if you had used your genius as a force for good rather than evil?"

No response. He kept walking towards the Fox doors with blond in tow, redhead cameraman filming all the while.

Great way to start the day. One for all, all for one!!!


JimPreston said...

I am so sorry that I wasn't able to be there with you this morning. Logistics :(

What a pathetic case of someone who has no legitimate goals, and is afraid to engage in any legitimate dialog. You handled it perfectly, as usual.

Keep on walking and talking,
for peace,

Midge said...


That was a ask him, "What would the world be like if you had used you genious for good instead of evil?

I am writing this a couple minutes after getting off the phone with Deseree who went to CNN after her encounter with Rove. My own Congressman Kit Bond was live at CNN and Des actually was able to walk into CNN sutidos where he was doing a post show press conference. That is unusual, because the doors are normally locked. She told me she got some camera time for several sconds before being escorted out of the building. Then, as Bond was walking to his car, Des called me, and I heard her yelling at Bond that blood was on his hands... apparently at that time one of his goons turned toward her and was trying to aprhend her or something, and I could hear her yelling, "I'm on a public sidewalk, haven't you ever heard of the first amendment? I have a Constitution on me Senator Bond!"

I was on my cellphone in Missouri listening to her shout down my Senator... It was quite an experience!!! Thanks Deseree...

I love you sister,

Eileen Coles said...

*Happy Sigh* Oh the bodaciousness of the house mama. I must echo Midge: Desiree, you rock the rockness. :)

And WTF is all this crap about "his family"? Has the Bush administration now gone beyond cronyism and approached downright incest? That would explain a lot, especially with the obvious parallels between what they've done to the United States and the end of the Roman empire... ;-7

CODEPINK said...

You are awesome! We don't even NEED to "be many" when we've got you around! Well, yes we do, and I'm working on that in the Bay Area, but your two blogs show the power of the lone individual confronting the powerful! Way to go! You know we have your backs and we Pinkers are getting to our reps/senators, or at least their staffs, all over the country. You are our inspiration and point person, and we love and admire you! -Janet W

my space for peace said...

House mama, I am proud of you!
Leave the light for us,
bird food mama