Monday, August 6, 2007


Today, Liz Arizona left for Phoenix. Yesterday Janine went home to Marin County. Last Friday, Medea left for San Fran and Gael for Italy.

Saturday, Midge called to let us know she arrived safely in MO. January, our intern from NH, is working on her college essay and Ena is house & dog sitting. It's so quiet in the house today.

I am enjoying reruns of CSPAN and folding warm sheets and towels. The whir of the A/C and the vibrations of the washing machine as it nears the end of the rinse cycle make me sleepy.

Can't wait 'til everyone gets back when the beds have these sweet smelling sheets on them, every hook a damp towel and my to-do list consists of congresspeople and senators instead of linens and dustbunnies!


the mama ;(


Anonymous said...

It's the calm before the storm.
September is coming!!

my space for peace said...

Rest while you can during the dog days of summer, the puppies will be back soon enough! miss you too.

JimPreston said...

I saw Medea and Kevin in SF, and talked to Liz on her Birthday last week. We are re-energizing and carrying the message of peace throughout the country!!! I was freaking out yesterday when I read the NY times piece about Afghanistan!!! As if anyone with half a brain didn't know that they had screwed that up from day 1 (actually day zero)!!! Gee, NYTimes, thanks for telling people about four years too late!!
I'm coming home at the end of the week and can't wait to see you all.
We will work for peace!!!
and ....

dancewater said...

I am hoping to come up there next month and do some more Code Pink Peace Work with y'all.