Sunday, September 28, 2008

My DC House Internship, part IV

By Lynn Rooks

Day 14

Super busy here at the PINK house! Medea and Tighe arrived earlier today, so we've been hammering out different ideas for the next few days of our access to Congress. As always, we plan to demand accountability and transparency of our elected officials. That's exactly what we did this morning, when we showed up, banners-a wavin' to greet McCain and Obama at their respective interviews. So funny, McCain gave Liz a bid toothy grin and thumbs up as he does every time he sees her! At the Obama location, I actually had some great conversations with a couple Secret Service guys. They were quite cordial, and so I thanked them for their service in keeping that man safe.

Similarly, Thursday, we led a White House protest upon the arrival of both candidates. We ended up flanked by lots of other groups, and even more exciting perhaps, tons of individual voices, with hand drafted signs and banners. No one supported bailout. I got to do a couple interviews, and there was a good amount of photo and video coverage of the event.

Yesterday, Tish (my new PINK friend from Kansas City) and I worked in coalition with Service Nation, as a part of their event promoting individual community and environmental service in neighborhoods nationally and globally. The evening ended with a candle lighting commitment to being a person of service-- pretty cool stuff.

Til next time-- Lynn

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JimPreston said...

Good stuff!! I was out cleaning up our local creek on Sunday, but did not know it was a National Service Day. Our creek always needs cleaning and there are some nice folks who organize it, so all I have to do is show up and do my garbage-man impersonation for an hour or two. The question I have for the presidential candidates is this: Why is it that when someone introduces himself as a garbage man, nobody ever chimes in with a "Thank you for your service."? I know the soldiers are brave and loyal and protect our freedoms and stuff, but have you ever tried to get along without a garbage man?