Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi, my names Stacie I'm from Cleveland Ohio. The issues I care about most are stopping the war, preventing any new ones,and impeaching Bush Co. I did a few events with Code Pink at home . But I've always admired the bravery of the woman I've wittnessed.In D.C. We did the Million Doors for Peace Yesterday. I was scared that I couldn't go out and talk to people alone. So I was paired up with Pauly,we have the same sense of humor and had a good time . I soon was able to go out on my own.
This morning I was standing in the hallway of the CodePink house. There was a decision to go to Fox News to to confront Paulson over the 7 billion dollar corperate bail out. So 4 of us flew out the door. It felt like I was caught up in a powerful force or whirlwind. I was trying to keep up With Des which is nearly impossible and taking in the sights of Washington . The weather is perfect, beautiful buildings. trees blooming that I couldn't name. Friendly joggers, dog walkers,and homeless men and woman on each block.
We got to Fox studio and a man from the camera crew said Paulson was gone so we treked over to the Newseum. I am not much for celebrity gawking, but I was impressed to see Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldson, Sen. Chris Dodd, and George Stephan-(I'm not even going to try to spell his name.) In the Flesh. I liked the process of telling them our take of the issues face to face and getting a response. I send e-mails to Congress everyday. But,with this in your face method I felt much more was accomplished. We had a conversation with Donna Brazil. She talked with us for quite a while.I thought she was beautiful. Another strong woman speaking her mind and challenging the decisions made by this government. She agreed that if the Dems .used their backbone and said NO to this latest farce from the Bush Adm.,that the election would be in the bag. But they won't sad to say.
Questions that I would like an honest answer to include.
Why are these politicians afraid to make waves.?
Who's lining their pockets?
Where are they getting the 7 billion? And at whose expense?
Why are they bailing out the rich, no filthy rich? While we foot the bill.
Ann And Liz called it " Welfare For the rich"
My words don't always come out like my thoughts meant them to. But I was quite comfortable chanting sayings and waving fake money around to make people aware. It was an exciting fulfilling feeling. I had the thought I would like to stay in DC where the action is. Who knows if I keep doing this I might find my own voice.

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