Friday, September 26, 2008

Diane Wilson visits the CODEPINK house

Diane Wilson was in DC for a non violent direct action with the vets for peace at the National Archives.It was a symbolic action in which the Vets fasted & occupied the balcony of the Archives for a 24 hour vigil requesting congress stand up for the constitution by holding Impeachment hearings before further damage is done!They placed a huge banner on the columns and chained the fence to make entry difficult.The Banner read Arrest Bush & Cheney for War crimes Uphold the Consitution
CODEPINKERS delivered literature to educate congress simultaneously on the issue & necessity of impeachment proceedings.The police allowed the occupation and never arrested the Vets.Diane Wilson is Co Founder of CODEPINK Women for Peace shrimp fisher woman activist environmentalist author veteran and a warm spirit! It was so great to treat Diane to some CODEPINK hospitality!

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