Saturday, September 20, 2008

CODEPINK DC Canvass Virginia for MDP

We are pleased to report CODEPINK had a stealth effort on the Million Doors for Peace campaign in Virginia! Lauriie,Gael,Ann,Des Leslie,Stacie,Polly,Nancy,James,Lynn,and Liz walked the Ashburn area each completing our list of 40 names.This was a good test run for what works and what we needed improvement for the future.This part of Virginia was diverse in culture but it seemed heavy on the government workers ie military,intelliegence,contractors and more affluent types.It was overall a great day!! We make a difference encourage friends to get on the streets with CODEPINK
WORK for Peace & bring Our Troops Home already!


JimPreston said...

Great job!!

LaFajita said...

You did even better than you think.

My particular wide spot in the Virginia woods got to see the anti-war movement in action, in their streets and on their porches, and they got an opportunity to look into the face of...

...their neighbor.

I may have done more for the cause of peace this weekend than anything I have done before. This one works, folks.

Jean said...

You're all so inspiring!! Your energy, your smiles, your drive...keep it going!!