Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day #2 Paulson Benarke on Cap hill House side

Occasionally my travels on the Hill bring the beautiful gifts of fleeting moments worth remembering like running into a REAL hero against the IRAQ occupation like Max Cleland who was swift boated in the 2004 election cycle!
Today was a long day filled with hundreds of encounters with members of Congress
everyone in my path had to inhale NO BAILOUTS for Billionaires soundbyte!I just used a few short soundbytes all day.Rescue our troops save $10 Billion amonth.No ex CEO for Goldman Sachs should be Bailed out on the taxpayers dime!!

Speak out about the criminals that are sellling US OUT!!

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Buckley Lofton said...

Seize the JFK Papers now and turn them over to or provide protection of them in a joint steward capacity with another group (for mutual security).
The prosecution of the curren Hyena's in power began in earnest at that juncture. In total support of your Constitutional Rights....good luck in making this a difference in the midst of the morass of greed. F. Buckley Lofton, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii