Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting ready to knock on doors Peace PEOPLE WHERE ARE YOU?

CODEPINK takes the streets under the Million Doors For coaliton tomorrow Sept 20,2008!Canvassing for the peace vote is vital work to growing our group!Knocking on doors will allow us to meet neighbors make new friends engage new supporters to get involved!!This effort is one of the most important things to take part in with of redirection or change.
Action- ask people to get invovled bring a friend with you Canvass for the Peace Vote
Make the calls if you absolutely can not walk
Call Congress daily!! 1202.224.3121 Bring the troops home Get Us out of Iraq NOw!
thx Liz
We appreciate our supporters and ask you to do more Peace &
for a more just CONgress


Anonymous said...

Knock on my door you fucking sick bitches and see you get your ass whooped.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe your kill our troops signs and all that bullshit. I support yours.... Get it, good.

bivianaolivas_1 said...

I am currently on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, and i honestly enjoying being here. With all due respect, i think you ladies need to get yourselves informed on whats going on with the war, obviously you have no idea. I would not mind doing another tour to Iraq or Afghanistan, because i know that im going so that i could fight for my country. We go so that we could help fight for the freedoms, that you enjoy today. So instead of being so ungrateful, you should appreciate that the military is there, so that you could at least get a good night's sleep. By the way, I am a female in the United States Marine Corps and I support all of my brothers and sisters who are in Iraq and Afghanistan. It upsets me to know that there are so many naive and ignorant people out there.